There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of finishing a difficult climb. Rock climbing contorts your body in unfamiliar positions, allows you to feel rough rock beneath your fingernails and leaves your muscles throbbing.

The allure of climbing high things has captured the fascination of many young and old adventurers. On Aug. 10, children with physical or mental disabilities will have the opportunity to share in on that experience.

Courageous Kids Climbing, a organization which helps children with disabilities learn to rock climb is coming to Ellensburg. The event will take place at Central Washington University inside their recreation climbing wall gym from 1-3 p.m.

For children growing up with a physical or mental disability it can be hard to watch your peers experience actives you might be unable to participate in and leaves many children feeling excluded.

Courageous Kids Climbing hosts events across the west and their mission is to bridge that gap and help children gain self-confidence all the while learning a new sport in a safe environment.

Children are able to push their limits and see how far they can rock climb and for some children, the experience pushes new boundaries as they learn to climb for the first time.

The organization travels with a variety of special harnesses and lifting devices that enable them to share the climbing experience with children who have physical challenges.

The event is free for any child with special needs, physical or developmental needs. According to Courageous Kids, children who may be deaf, blind, burn survivors, have cerebral palsy or autism, are all welcome to join and share in the experience of climbing.

Space is limited to 20 participants and reservations are directed to be sent to before Aug. 10.


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