Most people shudder at the idea of performing live on stage, but there are few when given the chance who blossom under the spotlight. Haley Rominger, a 2019 Ellensburg High School graduate is one such person.

Rominger is taking her talent for singing to the collegiate level next fall and will be attending Arizona State University in Tempe. According to Rominger, music has been a part of her life from a young age, but it wasn’t until the last two years she has seriously started thinking about it from a career standpoint.

“I don’t think I always knew that I wanted to sing,” Rominger said. “As I’ve kind of seen what I can achieve with it, like, going to things like all nationals and the different competitions, and then finding that I could do well in them has given me the little boost to make myself think that I could actually pursue singing as a career.”

While Rominger practices a wide variety of musical genres, lately she has been focusing on musical theater and classical genres.

Rominger said the entire town has in one way or the other taught her how to be a better singer and the accessibility of Central Washington University’s campus also has been an advantage for the budding singer.

“I love that Central is just right here, especially for music in this town, it’s a really big resource,” Rominger said. “Anybody who wants to can find somebody who is an expert in their field. So you have all the band kids who can find a teacher for their instrument and all the different people in the choir can take lessons from people like Mia Spencer. I think that’s just really cool because it kind of gives us an advantage because we have access to all of their knowledge.”

Rominger said church, high school choir, and school musicals have all played a pivotal role in helping her turn signing into something bigger than a hobby.

Performing in the musical “Hello, Dolly!” and the National Association of Teachers and Singing where Rominger won first place in the women’s High School Division were some of the memories that stand out from the year.

“You can just like, donate yourself to singing and I think that’s been a really cool experience to have,” Rominger said. “I would say the character Dolly is very different than how I would normally act everyday life.”

Rominger said she either wants to go to Broadway or freelance route after college, but if neither of those work out she would be interested in further exploring the path of music therapy.

Rominger likes the idea of using music to help people who might be struggling with trauma, anxiety or depression.

“Helping them learn an instrument in a way that will help alleviate stress or just helping people to have something that they can do when they’re feeling not well is something I’d want to do,” Rominger said.

Rominger doesn’t know what to expect for this new chapter of life, but is excited to start a new adventure in an unknown state.

“I just want to explore and I’ll see what I like and what I don’t like and I’ll go from there,” Rominger said.


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