Chloe Mattson

Chloe Mattson.

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Chloe Mattson is graduating Thursday night from Ellensburg High School, and said she has no regrets about her time in the school district. She has been an honor student, cross country athlete and student representative on the school board.

Health and fitness is a big part of Mattson’s life, she has been a track and cross country athlete for six years, as part of her volunteer hours she performed a three-day seminar at ESD elementary schools on staying healthy. This was to meet her volunteer hour requirements as an honor student, a title she earned her junior year of high school.

She was team captain for cross country her junior and senior year. She is going to attend college at Washington State University, and hopes to join a running club.

While she is not attending WSU for sports, she will be attending the school’s honors college program, something she was automatically admitted into due to her successes as a high school student.

“In the email they sent me they just said ‘you look like a good student and we believe that you can contribute to the honors college here and the WSU society as a whole,’” Mattson said.

The other reason she is attending WSU is because it is the school both her parents graduated from.

Mattson plans to study human biology and Spanish. While these two degrees may not seem to have much in common, Mattson sees it as her way to earning her dream job, a traveling doctor with the Peace Corps.

“It seems such an amazing experience, to go out into the world and experience things,” she said. “We are sort of sheltered here in the U.S. and I want to do what other people experience and go through and it can all give me a bigger perspective on how the world works.”

Mattson has been learning about the wider world for a while, and is currently hosting a foreign exchange student from Ukraine, Yara Zavalska. Mattson said the two of them have become very close since she has been living with the family, and considers her a “blood sister.”

“She will be going back home in the next couple weeks,” Mattson said. “It has really been eye opening, especially with what is going on over there, to be able to partially experience what she is going through and open my eyes to the war.”

With graduation coming up in just a few days, Mattson is excited to graduate, but is not looking forward to saying goodbye to many of her friends and the town she grew up in.

“I think I’ll look back with fond memories,” Mattson said. “I would just like to thank God and my family along with everyone who has been with me along the way because it has been a journey.”