Cory Wright has retained his position on the Kittitas County Board of Commissioners based on unofficial results posted on the Kittitas County Auditor’s website.

Wright leads Nancy Lillquist 3,088 votes (62%) to 1,486 votes (38%).

Wright was appointed to the board last year following the resignation of Paul Jewell. This election is for the one year left on the unexpired term. The seat will be back on the 2020 ballot.

Wright, a Republican, fended off a challenge for Lillquist, a Democrat and long-time Ellensburg City Council member.

Ellensburg City Council

There were two contested races for the Ellensburg City Council. In the Council 7 race, for an open seat (incumbent Nicole Klauss chose not to run), Tristen Lamb leads Kristin Ashley 633 votes to 411 votes.

In the race for the Ellensburg Council 6 seat, Stacey Bankston Engel leads Matt Anderson, 611 votes to 535 votes. Bankston Engel had been appointed to the position this past year.

City of Roslyn

The most contested races in any one jurisdiction could be found in the city of Roslyn.

In the race for mayor, Doug Johnson leads incumbent Brent Hals, 87 votes to 86 votes.

Tom Missel leads Doug Kilgore in the race for Roslyn City Council 6, 89 votes to 71 votes.

Cathy Cook leads Jennifer Basterrechea-Atlela, 104 votes to 64 votes in the race for Roslyn City Council 4.

Geoff Scherer leads David Tylor 105 votes to 34 votes in the race for Roslyn City Council 2.

Derek Gruber leads Jim Guerci 90 votes to 69 votes in the race for Roslyn City Council 1.


There were two contested races for the Kittitas County Hospital District 1 (KVH) Board of Commissioners.

Terry Clark leads Liahna Armstrong 1,690 votes to 1,155 votes for Commissioner 1.

Jon Ward leads Roy Savoian 1,360 votes to 1,124 votes for Commissioner 4.

13th Legislative District

Republic Alex Ybarra leads Democrat Steve Verhey 3,300 votes to 1,486 votes within Kittitas County.

Fire and water Districts

The following results were from fire district races throughout the county:

Robert Cernick leads Russ Hobbs, 320 votes to 311 votes for Fire District 7 Commissioner 1.

Terry Guiford leads Sonja Busby 16 votes to 13 votes for Water District 5 Commissioner 3.

Roger Swanson leads Mike Budschat 33 votes to 8 votes for Water District 7 Commissioner 3.

School proposition

Easton School District Local Proposition 1 received 92 yes votes (57.5%) to 68 no votes (42,5%).

All results are unofficial until the election is certified on Nov. 26.


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