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The Ellensburg Big Band win present its second livestream called "Back With the Band," Friday at 7:15 p.m.

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The Ellensburg Big Band’s first attempt at a video production back in May went so well, the 19-piece band decided it was worth another shot.

Tonight’s livestream performance premieres the newest effort entitled “Back With the Band,” will include vocalist Tim Sorey, singing a rearrangement “Ain’t That a Kick,” by lyricist Jim Hurson.

“The band is similar to the one we used with the last project. We added Tim on the vocals. The song is dedicated to friends, fans, and families to show we appreciate the support and miss playing live in-person,” band manager and trumpet player Bruce Herman said.

“Musicians all over the country are trying to come up with different ways to stay connected with their fan base and this is our way of saying thanks and we hope you’re staying safe during these times. If the pandemic has taught us anything it's the importance of human social interaction.”

The 19-piece band has been around since 2011, and played in faraway lands like Japan and New Zealand. It has been fairly successful with its livestream approach to playing. Each member puts their musical part on a video clip before it gets mixed into the full-length song.

Trumpeter Tony Swartz does the video editing and Jon Griswold mixes the audio and the end result is pretty amazing in that you’d never know they weren’t sitting in the same room, bring that Ellensburg Big Band sound.

“It’s great motivation for us to continue playing our horns and work on something,” Herman said. “It’s a very different type of project. Tony Swartz and Jon Griswold put in lots of hours to come up with the finished product.”

Said Swartz, “It’s a fun project that we put together over the last month,” he said. “It’s fun getting together with the band, even though we weren’t in the same room. We look forward to the day when we can get together and play, but until then we’ll try to keep putting these together.”

Lyricist Jim Hurson came up with these words to “Back With the Band.”

"We remember when we could play,

And you’d dance the night away.

We think it’d be grand,

If you could get back with the band.

For now we all need to be,

6 feet from you to me.

What’s more we might ask,

Would you please wear your mask?

While life keeps a-spinnin’,

We know you all will be grinnin’,

Our goal’s to keep us all winnin’,

Savin’ a life is so…beautiful.

You need to get outta your room,

You’ve spent way too much time on Zoom.

Do it quick…don’t get sick..put a mask on your head.

Are you up to the task?....Ya just gotta wear your darn mask.

Like the doctor said quote, "Keep yourself six foot remote."

While life keeps a-spinnin’,

We’ve got a chance to keep grinnin’,

So let's keep up all this winnin’,

Savin’ a life could be…hey, beautiful.

We know you don’t find it keen,

To simply watch us on your screen.

We would feel better if you didn't get sick.

We’ll see you quick…once this COVID is kicked.

Gonna be grand…once we get back with the band"


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