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It has been an extensive process involving public input, special city council sessions, task force meetings, further discussion, but the newest Ellensburg City commission is officially formulated.

The Ellensburg City Council approved seven commissioners to serve on the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Commission at Monday night’s meeting. The interview process included 34 applicants before the final list was made.

“I think the groundwork has been laid for some really good things,” Mayor Bruce Tabb said. “We were really encouraged with the number of applicants and the variety of different people interested in serving on this commission.”

The DEI subcommittee made up of Tabb, and Council members Nancy Lillquist and Nancy Goodloe, developed an interview process for interested applicants, which included a supplemental questionnaire and interviews with applicants who advanced in the review process. In the end, it was a difficult, but effective decision-making process.

“We were pleased with the group we chose. We had a lot of discussion and the interviews went very well,” Goodloe said. “I feel like we have a commission that can network with all of the different groups in our community and inform them as to what’s going on.

“We are most interested in the connections our commissioners have to different parts of the community.”

Said Lilliquist, the decision to narrow the field was a difficult one.

“I wish we could have selected more,” she said. “You don’t need to be on the commission to join in and be a part of the process.”

The first order of business for the newly formed commission, Tabb said is to develop a comprehensive plan to providing supporting information to the city council.

“We need a plan that speaks to the diversity of the community. The thought there combines goals, it provides strategies and a plan for the outcome,” Tabb said. “It will also be engaged in doing some of the simpler things to support the people of Ellensburg.

“We won’t be able to work quickly enough to have some sort of Cinco de Mayo celebration, but we can develop other celebrations looking for different places where people of different cultures can come together and learn from each other.”

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