People gather at the Rotary Pavilion, listening to carolers in downtown Ellensburg during the Moment’s to Remember event this past year. The city is closing in on the purchase for the property that includes the Rotary Pavilion and the former Wells Fargo drive-through.

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The purchase itself will be on the Aug. 19 agenda, but the Ellensburg City Council approved a grant for half of the capital funding project for the acquisition of the Wells Fargo/Rotary Pavilion property at Monday night’s meeting.

The city will utilize matching funds from the Park Development and Acquisition Fund. The Lodging Tax committee has budgeted $300,000 for capital projects in 2019 and requested the council to authorize a supplemental adjustment of $100,000 from reserves.

“The purchase was identified in the city comprehensive plan as a primary project, so we’ve been working on it for a long time,” city manager John Akers said. “We’ve had control of the property where the Rotary Pavilion since 1980. When Wells Fargo made the decision to discontinue the drive through, they sublet us the balance of the property. The lease runs out in July of 2020.”

The total project cost is estimated to be $799,000. The property is owned by Red Mountain Holding Co. According to the state Secretary of State’s website, Gerald Williams and Kristi Williams are the governing persons of Red Mountain.

The property located at 110 East Fourth and Pearl Street, measuring approximately 22,500 square feet. The city has been looking into ways to maximize the space for community use and to expand tourism programming opportunities.

“With the acquisition, it gives us a true city center,” Ellensburg mayor Bruce Tabb said. “It just makes sense and now we’re ready to finalize the deal.”

The park is strategically located in the center of the downtown district and already serves as the central location for Jazz in the Valley and various events associated with the Ellensburg Rodeo, like Rodeo Kick-Off breakfast, and the Hoedown in the Downtown.

“It’s been a primary project for quite awhile and it looks like it’s finally going to come through,” Akers said.


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