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Ellensburg High School selected 37 students to receive Elite Scholar honors in the Class of 2021. Elite Scholar distinction takes into account grade point average and the difficulty of a student’s course load.

This is part 1, with the remaining scholars published as space allows.

Tanya Alvarado-Castro

Tanya Alvarado-Castro is the daughter of Jesus Alvarado and Irene Castro, and sister to Diana Alvardo, Marysol Alvarado and Patricia Sanchez. During her time at EHS, Tanya has been involved in Choir, Tennis, Bowling, NHS, Book Club, Key Club, and Creative Writing Club, and was a part of the Distinguished Young Women Program. When she is not in school, Tanya’s hobbies include art, singing, playing the ukulele, running, biking, working out, gardening, skateboarding, shopping, hiking, make-up, driving, eating food, sleeping, watching anime and playing Minecraft. In the fall, Tanya will attend Washington State University to possibly major in psychology or sociology and minor in art and Spanish. Ultimately, she would like to go to medical school to study Optometry. She would also like to do study abroad, and travel as much as she can. One of Tanya’s favorite memories of high school was doing the warm-ups with the EHS choirs during bus rides because it felt like a really cheesy movie and it was great!

Olivia Berthon-Koch

Olivia Berthon-Koch is the daughter of Danielle and Jason Berthon-Koch, and younger sister to her brother Christian. While at EHS, Olivia has been on the cross country and track teams, a member of the Environmental Club, Peace Club, Climbing Club and is a member of the National Honor Society. In her free time, Olivia enjoys reading and being outside. Next fall, Olivia will attend the University of Portland to study Biology and Environmental Science. Her favorite memory is going to camps and state for cross country.

Drew Bland

Drew Bland is the son of Brenda Bland. While at EHS, Drew has been active and involved as a member of the cross country team, track and field and tennis. Drew has been a member of ASB for four years, and is the Class of 2021 LASC Rep. He also participated on the Knowledge Bowl team. When not at school, Drew enjoys learning new languages, skiing, being outside and raising his steers. Next year, Drew plans to enroll in the University of Vienna Austria and pursue a bachelor’s degree in biology in hopes of having a career in conservation. Drew’s favorite memories of EHS are the bus rides home from cross country meets.

Amy Boe

Amy Boe is the daughter of Doug and Ronda Boe, and sibling to Abby and Aaron. Amy was a member of the track and field team, the cross country team, and a member of the climbing club. She is also a member of the National Honor Society. In her free time, Amy enjoys running, working out, mountain biking, and being outside. In the fall, Amy will attend Liberty University online, to earn her associates degree in business, and then will transfer to a four year university to earn a bachelor’s degree related to exercise science. Her favorite memory of EHS is all of the friendships and relationships she has built, and says there are too many memorable experiences to count.

Lainie Broadhead

Lainie Broadhead is the daughter of Craig and Anna Broadhead, and older sister to three younger siblings Bella, Bridger, and Gunnar. At EHS Lainie has enjoyed participating in National Honor Society, Golf, and Bowling. In her free time, Lainie enjoys reading and playing video games. This fall she will be attending Montana State University to earn a degree in Molecular/Cellular Biology. Her favorite EHS memory was getting to be a part of Treadwell’s Honors English class during her sophomore year.

Jaden Burroughs

Jaden Burroughs is the daughter of Lynn and Dale Leslie, and sibling of Jenna Burroughs. While at EHS Jaden has been actively involved in the National Honor Society, Knowledge Bowl, Orca Bowl, Marine Biology Club, and History Club. Jaden has also been a member of the EHS golf team. Jaden’s hobbies include reading, hiking, painting, and volunteering at Gallery One. In the fall, she will attend Western Washington University in the Honors Program to earn a degree in Business and Economics with a focus in accounting and finance. Jaden’s favorite memories have been participating in Knowledge Bowl and golf. She has met some incredible people through these activities, and found constructive places to learn and grow, and have had a lot of fun spending her time in these two activities! Every practice and competition for each is always full of laughs and joy!

Jenna Callan

Jenna is the daughter of Brad and Christina Callan, and sister to Ashley, who is two years younger. Throughout her time at EHS, Jenna has been involved in Track and Field and a variety of clubs including Peace Club, Link Crew, Environmental Club, National Honor Society, and has currently served on the ASB Executive Board as Vice-President. In her free time, Jenna enjoys hiking and anything related to being outside, but when she is inside, she enjoys baking. After graduation, Jenna will attend the University of Washington to study Marine Biology with a goal to help decrease pollution in our oceans. While at EHS, her favorite memory was competing with her teammates at the District Championships for Track and Field.

Caitlyn Cheney

Caitlyn is the daughter of Tawnee and Ryan Cheney, and sister of Garrett and McKayla. While at EHS, Caitlyn has been an active member of National Honor Society and Link Crew. She also played four years of soccer and track. Next year, Caitlyn will continue her track career at Western Washington University, while pursuing a degree in biology. Caitlyn’s favorite EHS memory is working on the homecoming skit her sophomore year.

Alyssa Coleman

Alyssa Coleman is the daughter of Heather and Paul Zech and Tim and Jen Coleman. Alyssa’s siblings are Madi Coleman, Hollie and Carrie Hyatt, Nathan Zech, and Million Teklay. Alyssa describes her family as quite the support system and without them, she would not be as successful as she is today. A few of her hobbies when she is not working or studying are painting, singing, reading, and going on adventures with my friends. Alyssa will be attending Western Washington University in the Fall and is planning on majoring in environmental science or marine biology. Alyssa is most grateful to EHS for helping her to meet her lifelong friends and for setting her up for success!

Jael Cutlip

Jael Cutlip, is the daughter of Susan and Chris Cutlip, and sister to siblings Wesley, Nicholas, and Caralyn Cutlip. Some activities Jael has participated in at EHS are serving as president of the school’s GSA, serving as president of the Chamber Choir, and playing cello in Winter Musical. Jael also enjoys baking, playing video games, and reading. After graduation, Jael will be taking a gap year and working. One of her favorite memories at EHS is making up conspiracy theories about George Clooney with Mr. Hodges and her friend Ella in chemistry.

Camille Dondji

Camille, daughter of Francine and Blaise Dondji and sister to Adrien (EHS ‘18) & Dema, was born in New Haven, CT, and moved to Ellensburg at the age of four. As an EHS and Running Start student, Camille worked hard academically, taking courses that would challenge her, and has been on the honor roll from middle school to senior year. Throughout high school, she participated in Basketball (freshman & sophomore year), Track & Field, Bulldog Link Crew, Winter Musical and was also a member of the National Honor Society for her academic achievements. Outside of school, she enjoys exploring the PNW, hanging out with her friends and family, reading a book on an overcast day, volunteering at the FISH food bank, and playing Grand Theft Auto or Mario Kart with her siblings. Camille plans to major in Psychology at the University of Washington to prepare her for a career in Clinical Psychology.

Kolby Fahey

Kolby Fahey is the son of Patrick and Kerri Fahey and brother to Kalli Fahey.During his time at EHS, Kolby has been active in Knowledge Bowl, FBLA and ASB. In his free time, Kolby enjoys fishing, biking and computer games. Next year, Kolby will attend Eastern Washington University and plans to earn an accounting degree.His favorite memories of EHS include spending time with his friends in and out of school.

Talea Gilbertson

Talea Gilbertson is the daughter of Jeff and Shannon Gilbertson, and sister to Logan and Blake. While at EHS, Talea has been an active member of Link Crew for two years, and National Honor Society for two years, currently serving as the vice president. Talea also played basketball and was a on the varsity soccer and track and field teams. When she is not at school, Talea loves to be outdoors and enjoys skiing , hiking, boating, kayaking, and playing sports. She also cannot get enough quality time with family and friends. Next year, she will attend the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering at Montana State University to earn a degree in civil engineering. Her favorite memories are those that were shared with her soccer and track families. Going to state for soccer two years in a row with her friends by her side was an incredible experience. She will also miss the long days at track meets with all of the discus and shot throwers.

Colton Harrell

Colton Harrell is the son of Troy and Heather, and brother to Abby. Colton shines in many activities and is a kind-hearted, intelligent, and hard worker. He is involved in the National 4-H program, the National FFA organization, the National Honor Society, CWU’s Cornerstone and Running Start programs and has been on the honor roll for four years. Since he was nine years old, Colton has dedicated himself to working many long hours on his family’s local hay farm. When not studying or working, Colton enjoys a variety of outdoor hobbies (snowmobiling, dirt biking, fishing and shooting) and thrives on anything with a motor. Due to his rigorous Running Start schedule, Colton will enter Central Washington University this fall as a junior and major in business with an agricultural emphasis. Upon obtaining his bachelor’s degree, he will continue his family’s farming tradition in the Kittitas Valley.

Kambria Hartrick

Kami Hartrick is the daughter of Memri Hartrick and sister to siblings Sadie and Jonas. While attending EHS she has maintained an impressive GPA all while being a three- sport athlete. Kami has been on the girls basketball team since her freshman year, ranked at State her first year of throwing both shot-put and discus as well as being nominated both her junior and senior year as a team captain for the girls varsity soccer team. She was also active in the schools’ National Honor Society as well as competed at the state level with the Ellensburg FFA chapter for three years. She obtained a position as a chapter officer for her junior and senior year as well. Her favorite memory of EHS would be Hodges chemistry class with her sister and best friends and the conversations they had she will never forget. Outside of school you will most likely find Kami at Ellensburg Crossfit, fly fishing, painting, hiking, and in the summer waterskiing or wake surfing. But overall she loves nature. Kami plans to attend BYU-Provo and obtain a STEM or chemistry major in hopes of becoming an engineer or anesthesiologist.

Maci Kjorsvik

Maci Kjorsvik is the daughter of Kevin and Julie Kjorsvik, as well as sister to Kelsi and Daniel. While attending Ellensburg High School, Maci found cross country, bowling, and photography to be great activities to participate in. Outside of school Maci enjoyed running, photography, longboarding, and a host of other things. Maci plans on attending a four-year college in the upcoming fall. Getting to attend EHS came with loads of fun experiences like meeting some of her best friends and learning from some amazing people. Maci’s best memory at EHS was getting to break open a watermelon during Japanese class to learn about Suika Wari. Maci wants to thank each of her teachers for making her years at high school memorable.

Thomas Lonowski

Thomas Lonowski is the son of Doug and Dale Lonowski, and sibling to Kimberly and Eli. While at EHS, Thomas has been active in the computer science and math departments. He has taken all of the computer science classes, and especially liked AP Computer Science A, as well as AP Calculus. He has been involved in the Coding Club, CyberPatriots, FBLA, tennis and band. In his free time, Thomas enjoys anything tech related, including coding, 3D modeling, and gaming. He also enjoys reading and eating good food. In the fall, he will be attending Boise State University to study computer science and mathematics. Thomas hopes to perform undergraduate research in the field of human-computer interaction, and hopes to be able to study abroad in Korea. His favorite memory is when he was able to sneak in two pounds of chicken tenders to the 2018 graduation ceremony and share them with his friends between songs, under the chairs.

Stuart Loverro

Stuart Loverro, or Stu for short, is the son of Ian Loverro and Wendy Williams, and brother to older sister, Dylann Loverro. While at EHS he participated in Knowledge Bowl for three years, Band for two years, Peace Club for one year, Bulldog Tennis for four years, and FBLA for four years; two of which Stuart served as FBLA President. Stu plans to attend Eastern Washington University next year and pursue a degree in Entrepreneurship. He is looking forward to joining the tennis club and attending hockey games. His favorite memories at EHS are attending FBLA State Conference in Bellevue and competing in varsity tennis. Stuart loved meeting new people outside of his own grade who he has remained friends with for years. Stuart also wants to give a special shout out to Mr. Hodges and Mr. Hagbo for graduating with the class of 202.

Stephen Martin

Stephen Martin is the son of Daniel Martin and Jenni Martin, and brother to Juno Martin. As a student at EHS, Stephen was an active member of the Knowledge Bowl team, was a reporter for the EHS Alutant, and a part of History Club. Outside of school, Stephen enjoys writing, reading and walking. Next year, Stephen will be attending Central Washington University. Stephen’s favorite memories include anything related to Knowledge Bowl, from practices to competitions.

Jasper McCutcheon

Jasper McCutcheon is the son of Paula Hungar and Patrick McCutcheon. At EHS Jasper participated in Track and Field every year. His hobbies include boating, fishing, camping, hiking, and lifting weights. Next year, Jasper plans on attending Western Washington University. While he is unsure of what he will major in, an educated guess would be something in the sciences. Some of his favorite EHS memories took place in his math class sophomore year. He and several of his friends would often play jokes with our teacher, Mr. Smith. As well as this, they would tease and banter with each other while not working on math.

Kira Owen

Kira Owen is the daughter of Kari and Mike Elkins and sister to Kaden Owen, Jacob Miller and Travis Neal. Kira enjoys skateboarding, taking care of plants, video gaming and painting. Kira plans to attend college in the future to major in Environmental Ecology and Biology, where she hopes to use this information to save endangered species and the habitats they live in.

Taylor Perez

Taylor Perez is the daughter of Mark Perez and Joanne Perez, and sister to Miah Perez, Chase Perez and Kailynn Perez. Taylor has been a member of the EHS volleyball team and tennis team. She has also been a member of National Honor Society, Peace Club, and Link Crew. When not at school, Taylor enjoys painting and drawing, and playing tennis or volleyball. Next fall, Taylor will continue her education at Central Washington University and will pursue a career in graphic design.

Isaac Phanitchob

Isaac Phanitchob is the son of Som and Jan Phantichob and brother of Hannah. Isaac has been involved in numerous clubs at EHS, including National Honor Society, Computer Science National Honor Society, and Bulldog Bytes. Isaac also earned his Microsoft Technology Associate Certificate, participated in FBLA, in E-Sports and has been a member of the tennis team. In the fall, Isaac plans to attend the University of Washington to major in mathematics, and will pursue a career in either medicine or computer science.

Alex Pigeon

Alex (Sasha) Pigeon is the son of Nancy and Craig Pigeon, and brother to Claire Pigeon. While at EHS, Sasha was involved in the Winter Musical, Marine Biology Club, and participated in the Running Start program. Outside of school, Sasha enjoys traveling, music and skiing. Next fall, Sasha will attend the University of Rhode Island. His favorite memory of EHS was in Ms. Tharp’s class freshmen year, when the class would listen to Spanish music, which Sasha loved. One day, at lunch, Sasha got a piece of carrot stuck in his nose and went into Tharp’s class for a Kleenex to get it out and started snorting in the process. He’s pretty sure Ms. Tharp was not amused, but he found it hilarious.

Ethan Price

Ethan Price is a graduating senior at EHS. His proud family includes his parents, Tiffany and Michael Price, along with his older brother, Quinn Price. Ethan’s passion is computer science and along with his close friends, has helped bring computer science to EHS through starting the first computer science club, Bulldog Bytes, and by promoting and raising awareness for the importance of computer science for all students. In addition to Bulldog Bytes, Ethan participates in the Cyberpatriot Club (cybersecurity), Ellensburg Computer Science Honor Society, Esports, and varsity tennis. Along with his passion for creating and developing new apps and computer programs, Ethan enjoys reading and playing tennis with his friends. Ethan’s future plans are to attend the University of Washington where he has been selected for direct admission to the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. Ethan’s favorite memory from EHS is spending time with the amazing and talented group of students from the Bulldog Bytes computer science club after school.

Joshua Rosen

Joshua Rosen is the son of Curt and Karin Rosen, and brother of Caleb Rosen. Joshua has enjoyed attending EHS games across many different sports as well as coming to school activities and hanging out with friends. He was on the EHS Varsity tennis team all four years of high school. Some of his hobbies include tennis, biking, fishing, and hiking, and enjoys pretty much anything that has to do with the outdoors or sports. Joshua plans to attend Whitworth University in the fall to study Kinesiology and possibly play tennis. If he had to pick one memory from high school as his favorite, it would probably have to be going to the Inland tennis tournament in Spokane with the tennis team his sophomore year.

Liam Schedler

Liam Schedler is the beloved son of Jil Zilligen and Chris Schedler and adored brother of Reyna. Liam played varsity soccer at EHS beginning Freshman year, as well as basketball, and was three-year Captain of his club soccer team, winning the WA State Cup multiple years. When the pandemic shut down soccer over the summer, he picked up a tennis racquet for the first time and played varsity tennis for EHS this year. He’s maintained a 4.0 GPA while taking more than a dozen AP and Honors classes & has been active in National Honor Society, Peace Club, and Link Crew. In second grade, Liam announced he would go to college in California. Never one to leave a goal unachieved, he will attend Occidental College in Los Angeles this fall with an Honors Scholarship, where he plans to study Diplomacy and World Affairs before going on to law school.

Annie Schlanger

Annie Schlanger is the daughter of Gregg Schlanger and Monica Quattrochio, and younger sister to Marilyn Schlanger. Annie has been an active member of the cross country team, as well as a member of the track and field team. She is also active in the Environmental Club, Peace Club, Fall Play, Winter Musical, Thespian Society, National Honor Society and the ASB Executive Board. Away from school, Annie enjoys running and riding her horse. Next year, she will attend the University of Washington where she will study environmental studies. Annie’s favorite memories of EHS include attending all of the jazz desserts and Jazzmas put on by the choir.

Bailey Sherley

Bailey Sherley is the daughter of Dan and Becky Sherley, and sister of two younger brothers, Bode and Nolan. Over the past four years, she has been involved in a variety of sports, clubs, and activities including volleyball, tennis, National Honor Society, Link Crew, The National FFA Organization, and Future Business Leaders of America. Bailey’s other interests include skiing, raising animals, traveling, and cooking. Despite her busy schedule, she has been enrolled in numerous running start and honors courses while maintaining a 3.979 GPA. While Bailey has many fond memories from her time at Ellensburg High School, traveling to Indianapolis, IN for FFA Nationals has been a highlight for Bailey. Next year, she plans to attend Washington State University where she will double major in Agricultural and Food Business Economics and Marketing.

Faith Shelton

Faith Shelton is the daughter of Gina and Matt Shelton, and sister to brothers Wyatt and Tytus and sister Kailey. Faith’s interests while at EHS included being a member of the choir, and attending a book club freshman and sophomore year. Some of her hobbies include being with her animals, drawing, music, and spending time with kids. Faith’s future plans after high school is to go to Evangel University in Missouri, to earn a bachelor’s in elementary education and a minor in social science. She is planning on teaching first grade when finished with college. One of her favorite memories of EHS was being in Mr. Hagbo’s class for P.E. He always made classes enjoyable and showed that physical education can be fun, as well as the assemblies.

Elizabeth Shoda

Elizabeth (Libby) Shoda is the daughter of Gene and Lindsey, sister of Joey, Maddie, Tonya, and Tiffany, and aunt of Olivia, Sara, and Ellie. At EHS, she participated in Peace Club, Band, Tennis, and National Honor Society while taking a rigorous course load. Libby spends most of her time outside of school babysitting (while simultaneously practicing Spanish). During the summer, she loves kayaking and would live in a swimsuit if her mom would let her. This fall Libby will be attending Southern Methodist University (Dallas, Texas) in the Hilltop Scholars Program as a pre-med student double majoring in Public Health and Human Rights. Her favorite memory at EHS was AP Biology with Mrs. Burton.

Breanna Smith

Breanna Smith is the daughter of Jake and Jennifer Smith and sister to three younger siblings, one each in high school, middle school, and elementary school. Breanna participated in many clubs and activities within EHS such as Band, Cross Country, Track, and Winter Musical. In her free time, she also enjoys art, music, reading, and rollerskating! After High School, Breanna plans on attending Seattle Pacific University to hopefully pursue a career in either music therapy, design, or math. She says she will see what happens. Some of Breanna’s favorite memories from high school will always be playing with the band at pep games and assemblies, in addition to band competitions, and sporting events.

Madelyn Snow

Maddy Snow is the daughter of Ammy Snow and Beau Snow, and sister to Carson and Sawyer. As a student at EHS, Maddy was a 4-year varsity soccer team member, and was recognized as first team all-league 3 years. She also was a two-year varsity track and field athlete, took 4 years of Spanish, and served as a math tutor for Spanish speaking students at Morgan. She also was a member of ASB for two years, is a member of National Honor Society and did 2 years of Running Start at CWU in the Douglas Honors College. When not at school, Maddy enjoys soccer, hiking, fishing, hunting, traveling and volunteering. Next year, Maddy will attend either the University of Montana and the Davidson Honors College, or Duke University to pursue a degree in biology (pre-medicine) and Spanish (thanks Sra. Nicolai!) Maddy’s favorite memories at EHS are all of the Friday night football games, and the after-game dances, and being able to play soccer with her friends all 4 years.

Sophia Werner

Sophia Werner is the daughter of Liz and Fritz Werner, and sister to Sarah and Jennifer. Sophia has participated in Ellensburg High School girl’s soccer for three years and cheerleading for one year. Sophia enjoyed volunteering to help ASB with the school’s events when needed. She participated in the YoungLife club and even got the chance to participate in work crew at the Washington Family Ranch in Oregon. She thoroughly enjoys spending time with and around animals, exercising and spending time outdoors. She has also become more interested in painting after having the hobby of sketching for a few years. Sophia will attend Washington State University to pursue a degree in animal science or zoology, and plans to obtain a veterinary technician license. Some of her favorite moments at EHS include traveling for state soccer games, being in our K9 for sports games and all of the senior events that she has been able to participate in thus far.

Zoey Wetzel

Zoey Wetzel is the daughter of Steve Wetzel and Candace Wetzel, and sister to Clara Wetzel, Lily Wetzel, Jack Wetzel. During her time at EHS, Zoey developed an interest in Coding through her computer science classes and clubs. She also enjoys running and art, reading and playing games. Next fall, Zoey intends to major in Mathematics Secondary Education at Central Washington University. Her favorite memories of EHS include anything related to time spent with her friends at track and field.

Bryton Wilson

Bryton Wilson is the son of Tom and Karissa Wilson, and older brother to his sister Briar. Bryton was a four-year letterman in both cross country and track and field. He is also an avid fly fisherman, and enjoyed his aquatic ecosystems class while at EHS. Next year, Bryton will attend Oregon State University and will study within their oceanography and forestry programs next year. One of Bryton’s greatest experiences was working with the Special Olympics basketball team.

Mary Zevely

Mary Zevely is a senior at EHS who has excelled as a member of the Running Start Program through Central Washington University.


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