Jeff Ellersick, principal of Ellensburg High School, has announced he will not be returning for the next school year and is resigning as principal at EHS. According to school officials, it is believed he will be joining the Kennewick school district.

According to Jinger Haberer, Ellensburg Superintendent, the Ellensburg School District was unaware Ellersick was planning on resigning. Haberer said she is not concerned about filling the position and believes there will be a strong pool of candidates to choose from.

“We’ve gotten a really robust response from all of the other postings that we’ve had, I think Ellenberg is a desirable place to be and I think people know that we are an excellent district, which I really believe that we are. People want to come here and live here and work here,” Haberer said.

The district plans on putting out a survey for high school parents and staff to give feedback as to what they’d like to see in a potential candidate, Haberer said.

“Most importantly when choosing a high school principal we will compile all of that input together and then a week from this Monday, I’ll have an opportunity for high school staff if they want to meet and share that feedback,” Haberer said. “I’ll also share with the staff and parents electronically.”

Haberer said she hopes to start the interview process as soon as June 18.

Haberer said she remembered her first day, Ellersick came to greet her at her office and said this used to be his office when he was the athletic director.

According to Haberer, she did not know that Ellersick was planning on resigning, but wished him the best.

“He’s been a great person to work with and he’s done a great job in his leadership role and well-liked by his staff,” Haberer said. “I think he’ll be very much missed.”


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