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Leave it to the creativity of the art world to come up with a show called “Pan-Demos,” as part of the virtual “Day of Art,” showcasing interviews, mini confabs, demos and 360-degree views of over 30 studios on July 25.

Gallery One Visual Arts Center will be providing 360-degree looks into the creative space of 32 local Kittitas County artists, as well as conducting artist interviews on perspective and the creativity behind the work in what it is calling “Live All Day.”

“The first thing we’re going to do is what we’re calling Pan-Demos where will be sharing an artist demonstration on YouTube. We’ll be recording to those over the next week with artists in their studios,” executive director Monica Miller said. “We will share those on YouTube.

“We are doing up to 12 artists. We will also be doing Facebook Live interviews of artists here at the gallery all day. We’ll ask them for their creative tips and inspiration with the public.”

The event is one of several methods Gallery One is implementing to continue its mission to further educate the public and support the arts and artists in their efforts. The 360-degree virtual tour will give the community a literal look at each artist’s studio in a three-dimensional gaze into the creative minds behind the art.

“The virtual tours will feature 30 studios and you will feel like you’re in the space,” Miller said. “It’s a little bit like a virtual reality thing where you can drag around and see where their easels are and what they’re working on.”

There is an abundance of artists in the Kittitas Valley and the day is planned to not only showcase their work, but to learn from the masters, so to speak. With the COVID-19 pandemic creating a new normal, “A Day of Art” is designed to make a day of it, introducing art and artists to those who enjoy. But it will also throw out a hands-on portion in what they are calling “Droodle,” giving people a chance to participate.

“We’re excited about this combination of drink and doodle,” Miller said. “Juice is welcome. This is artist-led doodling exercising, so that we can involve anybody from the community in a little creativity. It’s a chance to participate and be social at the same time.”

People can tune in on their computers, tablets and Smartphones to take part in the live demonstrations and interviews. They can also log onto the website to view information as it is posted.

It is an opportunity to learn from the art community or just take a gander at what the local and area artists are doing these days.

Rodney Harwood: award-winning journalist and columnist. Lover of golf and the written word. I can be reached at


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