Comedian Joel McHale learned something about Central Washington University during his performance on Friday. CWU students are apparently devastated by the demolition of the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute Building.

He found this out by accident, when he mentioned the building at the beginning of his show, and an audible sigh echoed throughout the SURC ballroom. This seemed to be the only thing about CWU that the students were passionate about.

About halfway through the show, McHale learned that a Panda Express had replaced the chimp habitat.

“That is disappointing,” he said. He even joked about how students should start a petition to get the “monkeys” back, and that he would even donate a “monkey” to the school, although he said he might release it in the Panda Express.

McHale had been to CWU before, his brother being a CWU alumnus. He pointed out that it seemed as though CWU students didn’t care much about their school. He proved this by pointing out that CWU has a fight song, but nobody knows what it is or even cares.

“I asked someone back stage if the school has a fight song and she said ‘there is a song, but nobody knows it,’” McHale said during the show.

He brought up the fact the the CWU rugby teams are some of the best in the nation, and for some reason, nobody at CWU seems to care. People get brought in from across the country to play at CWU, and nobody at CWU talks about it.

As a University of Washington graduate, McHale said it was a good thing he was performing at CWU instead of Washington State University. That it must be terrible having to go to school at WSU. You leave class, you walk outside and you realize that you are still in Pullman.

As someone who was raised in Washington, McHale knew how to get a laugh out of the CWU audience.

McHale’s comedy got laughs out of the college-aged audience, but it was not suitable for young children. An issue that McHale said he has with his own children. During the show, he said that he acts like a jerk to be funny, but because of this, his children have started to do the same. An issue that he has to live with.

He said that his children make fun of him for having fans come up to talk after recognizing him from the TV show “Community.” They would do this by acting amazed, and repeatedly asking if that was his only fan.


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