Kearsten Weeks

Ellensburg local, Kearsten Weeks, proves just how possible it is to chase your dreams at any age.

Weeks hit the ground running, straight into a new career in the entertainment industry, at 44.

As a married mother of three, her family has always come first. Most of Weeks’ “finding herself years” were spent adjusting to married life and motherhood.

However, now that her nest is emptying, she woke up one day and decided to pursue a career in modeling, acting, and voiceover acting. It didn’t take long for Hollywood to come calling.

Weeks recently signed with an entertainment agent, and has managed to consistently book jobs. In the midst of her career, it was passively mentioned to host a show on Ellensburg Community Radio (ECR). Once again, she took the leap without hesitation. Her motto is simply “Why Not?” when presented with new opportunities.

Her program titled “Kahlua In My Coffee” launched at 9 a.m. Aug. 5, on ECR at The show airs at 9 a.m. on Mondays.

Weeks said that with her show, her listeners will experience quick laughs, learn a funny story to tell, and gain useless information they didn’t know they needed. She goes on further to say that she is simply; “A tongue-in-cheek, over friendly neighbor just saying what we were all thinking.”

In addition, Kearsten will launch a separate weekly recording, 3 p.m. Wednesdays on ECR called “Local-ish”, along with a supported Facebook Group named “Local-ish Events”. This will allow all local-ish events (in and around Kittitas County) to be in multiple places for easy access.

To submit your event for on-air play and facebook community group posting, please email your event flyer to or join group “Local-ish Events (Kittitas County).”

Submission for weekly airing must be received by Sunday evening preceding the Wednesday airing. Facebook submissions can be submitted at any time.


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