Correction: Knudon's trial is Oct. 1. Knudson's status conference is Sept. 27.

Kallee Knudson stood before the Judge Scott Sparks in Kittitas County Superior Court on Monday during a scheduled omnibus hearing where her trial was delayed from Aug. 6 to Oct. 1.

Knudson was arrested this past February following a two-week investigation by the Ellensburg Police Department. According to a police report, Knudson attempted to hire people to commit several crimes on her behalf and faces a variety of charges, the most serious of the crimes being first-degree kidnapping and first-degree assault.

The 28-year-old Ellensburg resident and former public records clerk for the Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office wore a red blouse and black slacks while attorneys discussed the next course of action in the case.

Knudson has pleaded not guilty to nine counts brought forth by the state prosecutors and has been out on bail pending her trial.

According to Knudson’s attorney, it has been a struggle to obtain discovery from her previous attorney and has asked for more time to prepare for Knudson’s case. Knudson’s lawyer also believes that there is more discovery to be coming as well as the possibility of new charges to brought forward by the state.

Knudson’s attorney believes early August, which is Knudson’s current trial date, would not provide ample time to prepare for the coming trial.

A private investigator also has been hired by Knudson to assist her case.

Knudson’s previous trial was suppose to take place on Aug. 6, but Knudson waived her right to a speedy trial and was granted a continuance by Judge Sparks to delay her case until Sept. 27.