Fairview fire

Kittitas Valley Fire and Rescue crews responded to a fire on Fairview Road on Sunday.

Two structure fires occurred within an hour of each this past Sunday (Oct. 27). The first fire occurred at Fairview Road in Ellensburg, and within an hour, firefighters received another call in Quail Run Lane.

Kittitas Valley Fire and Rescue Chief John Sinclair said while both structures were damaged, nobody was seriously injured.

“It was a log cabin structure that wound up having a fire near the chimney assembly and it was significantly evolved by the time the family called,” Sinclair said. “The family barely got out before it flashed.”

Sinclair said that by the time firefighters reached the structure, the fire had become severe, although crews were able to control the fire after considerable effort. It required four engines, two tenders and a medical unit.

While this fire was still being controlled, another fire was called in Quail Run Lane, 40 minutes away. This fire required three engines as well as support from Fire Districts No. 1 and No. 7.

The damage that was caused to both of the structures made the buildings untenable for people to live in. Both fires are currently being investigated by the Kittitas County Fire Marshal.

Sinclair said that he thinks both fires were caused by the chimney assembly or by wood stoves. This means that a controlled fire was going on in one of these locations, and then the structure interface point caught fire.

Sinclair said that this type of fire is “reasonably common” and that people should hire a professional chimney sweep or chimney service to check that the chimney is cleaned out and safe to use.


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