Laci Harrison is running for Kittitas County Commissioner District 1.

Laci Harrison held an event in May to announce her candidacy for Kittitas County Commissioner District 1.

Harrison described her background as a life-time resident with a career in local small businesses and passion for community. Harrison prioritized economic development, the environment and increasing public participation and awareness of what's happening within county government.

“I will focus on building economic opportunities for new and growing businesses,” Harrison said. "The residential growth (we've seen happen) will continue. We need to balance that with smart commercial development if we want people to be able to work where they live. I want my kids to know that success does not have to mean getting out of Kittitas County."

Harrison, who grew up in the county and has lived in Ellensburg for 17 years, said that she is ready to take on a larger leadership role in the county. Over the past few years she has become increasingly involved with city and county politics and is ready to put her full energy into getting Kittitas County prepared for a future where residents can thrive and visitors want to come back frequently.

At her kick-off event, Harrison set herself apart from the other candidates by focusing on evolving with the anticipated growth of the county and wanting more transparency in county government. When asked about her views on the importance of water to the valley she said, "We will continue to get more users (of water) so we need to become more efficient with the resources that we have."

She plans to engage with Central Washington University more to connect students and recent graduates with local job opportunities through increasing available local internships.


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