The Roslyn City Council is continuing to work on its 2018 budget, and discussion Tuesday focused on city staffing and presentation of the budget document.

The proposed $5.26 million budget would leave property tax rates unchanged and provide a 3.2 percent cost of living increase for city staff. Hours and pay for some city positions would change.

City Council members Doug Kilgore and Mitch Long expressed concerns about the format and layout of the budget.

Kilgore said he hopes the council can finalize an efficient system to pass budgets in an orderly manner in the next year or two.

“I would like to see a better, more transparent process in future years so that citizens can understand the changes that are being proposed in the budget,” Kilgore said. “A budget is the mission statement of any organization.”

Most of the city staff have only been working there for about five years, said City Council member Nolan Weis.

Last year’s budget included $300,000 in city expense for the Jolly Mountain Fire. The funding was used to build a fire break and for city staff time to help with evacuations and coordinate with firefighters. The fire, which started Aug. 13 in Upper Kittitas County, threatened the communities of Ronald and Roslyn in late August and early September.

Mayor Brent Hals said there will be no change in taxes in 2018 because of fire response, but the city is looking at funding for wildfire-related issues.

The city is also looking to secure loans to fund the completion of city hall and the community center project in 2018, according to the budget document.

The Council has until Dec. 26 to pass the budget, and will meet again at a workshop on Dec. 19. Public comment will be accepted.


In other action, the council approved the appointment of three new members to fill seats on the Roslyn Urban Forest Citizen Advisory Committee. Sibyl Maer-Fillo, Corrie Reagan and Sarah Foster will join the committee at its next meeting on Wednesday.

Managing Editor, Daily Record


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