Ida Nason Aronica

Student art already is givign the new Ida Nason Aronica Elementary School that school look and feel.

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The sign on the building may say Ida Nason Aronica Elementary, but if you asked the students where they were going to school, they would say Lincoln Elementary. Lincoln students have been attending class at the newly built Ida Nason Aronica Elementary School for the past three weeks while their school is undergoing renovations.

The layout of the building is almost the exact same as the new Mount Stuart Elementary School down the road. There are some small changes to the building, but Lincoln Principal JoAnne Duncan said the biggest difference is the culture inside.

“We’re the Lincoln Bullpups and we’re still the Lincoln Bullpups even though we are in the Ida Nason Aronica school,” Duncan said.

Lincoln started classes at Ida Nason Aronica on Oct. 25, and will continue to learn there until the end of the school year. At the start of the 2022-23 school year in September, Lincoln students will move back to their school, and Ida Nason Aronica will open its doors in and bring in students who will call themselves the Ida Nason Aronica Mustangs.

Duncan said the students have been adjusting to the new school very well, and everyone has settled into the new routine. It’s the same school, the building is just different.

“It definitely feels like a new school because we are in a new building, but we still feel like Lincoln because of our Lincoln community that’s here in this school,” Duncan said.

The brand new building does come with benefits, including a gym and more classrooms. Sections of the current Lincoln building have been inaccessible due to the construction, such as the gym. Other teachers are getting their own classrooms, such as the art and music programs.

All staff and student school equipment was moved from Lincoln to Ida by the movers, so when students walked into the new classrooms on Oct. 25, all their old stuff was already in place.

“It was all here. They showed up on Monday and it was like, teachers picked up right where they left off. Students name tags that they had in their classrooms before, were hanging up,” Duncan said. “I still get goosebumps when I think about how phenomenal our staff was getting a classroom closed up at Lincoln and having it up and running here on a Monday.”

Superintendent Jinger Haberer said the school was given the Thursday and Friday before the move waived by the state so the staff could transition everything over as smooth as possible. Having the days waived means school was canceled, and they won’t have to make up the days at the end of the year.


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