Spiced Rye Band

Larry and Re Hart of the Spiced Rye Band will be playing a weekly FacebookLive Event concert every Friday from 6 to 8 p.m.

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The Beatles 1968 classic “... Ob-la-di, ob-la-da life goes on ...” ever reminds us to take life as it is. Kind of like, being the driver of your own life or be taken for a ride.

Ellensburg group The Spiced Rye Band is going to drive the bus for a little while, coming up with a great idea to put on a Facebook Live Music Event every Friday night from 6 to 8 p.m.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) lock down has turned the world on its head with social distancing, people asked to remain in their homes, bars and restaurants closing on a global scale. Re Hart and her husband, Larry, have decided it’s time for the people get up and dance or at least have something to look forward to at the end of the week.

“We’re encouraging everyone to order food, and beverages from a local restaurant, dance like nobody’s watching. Only your kids will think you’re weird, and sing along,” Re Hart said. “We had a great time last week (with the inaugural show) that we decided as long as we’re all locked in, we’re going to keep on playing.”

It’s not MTV, but it is a way for a band that just released its first CD and plays 30 original songs to reach out and play. The hookup is to log onto Facebook at 6 p.m. go to the Spiced Rye Band page, scroll down to find the live stream video, and click on it.

“Party Goers” will simply be watching a live video, but will have the ability to “talk” to us, and others watching, through comments on screen. People can enhance the experience using a HDMI cable to link from their computers or laptops to the television set.

“We have a new CD out, so we’ll be playing a lot of music from that to introduce people to our new stuff,” Hart said. “But we have around 30 original songs we’ll do as well.

“We just want to keep people’s spirits up while we’re all going through this. We want encourage people to order take out from local restaurants, sit back and have a glass of wine and enjoy themselves.”

If people like what they see and want to tip the band, they can visit Venmo to @Renie-ChadwellHart PayPal to spicedryeband@gmail.com

“The thing that’s cool about this is that not only are we playing for the local people around town, but everywhere,” Hart said. “Last week my mom and brother in Oregon that haven’t seen us play in awhile were able to listen in.

“We hope to stay in touch with local fans and make some new ones. We’re going to get through this, and the only way to do that is to do it together.”

To order the new release, “Underneath the Tamaracks,” Log onto https://hart-strings-n-lace.square.site/product/cd-2020/550.

Any further questions, contact the band at spicedryeband@gmail.com.


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