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SPOKANE, Wash., June 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- EDMO Distributors, a global leader in the distribution of avionics and installation supplies, has signed a distribution agreement with Flight Data Systems. 

Flight Data Systems (FDS) designs and manufactures products for ground support equipment, airborne components, flight data monitoring (FDM)/Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) services, Flight Recorder Readouts and Servicing, and more. Their newest addition is the Handheld Multipurpose Interface Unit (HHMPI). The HHMPI is a rugged handheld device that streamlines vital data from flight data recorders for quick aircraft monitoring and analysis. For small to large scale operations, the HHMPI delivers a variety of powerful and advanced data transfer capabilities to enable swift analysis of data to assist ground support in proactive fleet management.

"Managing aircraft flight data from a variety of different recorders can be a daunting task. The HHMPI simplifies all of this by seamlessly connecting to the industry's most popular cockpit voice and flight data recorders," mentions Kerry Farrish, Vice President of Sales, Flight Data Systems. "As a trusted leader, EDMO requires rugged, reliable, and industry-proven Ground Support Equipment for their wide network of customers, and we are proud to establish a relationship with EDMO."

Jeffery Geraci, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for EDMO, said: "EDMO partners with companies we can trust to bring high quality, value driven products to market. FDS is highly qualified manufacturer with innovative products. The HHMPI delivers the security and functionality our customers require for their FDR download equipment."

For more information about the Handheld Multipurpose Interface Unit (HHMPI) or other Flight Data Systems products, visit

About Flight Data Systems (FDS)

Flight Data Systems (FDS), founded in 1990 in Melbourne, Australia, seeks to drive operational efficiencies in aviation using an end-to-end portfolio of data acquisition, data recording, data storage, and data analysis tools. Over the past 30+ years, FDS has provided leading products and services to the business aviation, commercial airline, military and government, and most recently, unmanned aerial systems segments. Their portfolio of solutions is a true flight data ecosystem designed to drive business impact through the acquisition, storage and security, transmission, and analysis of raw flight data to prove safety and operational ROI. Visit for more information.

About EDMO Distributors

EDMO Distributors, Inc is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Based in Spokane, Washington, they've secured a reputation as one of the most reliable sources for aircraft electronics, test equipment, installation supplies, wire and cable, tooling, and pilot supplies. EDMO's commitment to providing the best service and the largest selection possible has made it a company that customers count on and trust. EDMO maintains a stringent quality control system and is an ISO 9001:2008/AS9120 registered company. Visit for more information. 

SOURCE EDMO Distributors Inc.



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