BELLEVUE, Wash., Dec. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Island Eddie's has rekindled its love for the Hawaiian Islands by introducing a new array of tropical apparel to include the classic Aloha Shirt as well as a tropical version of the classic polo shirt. 

Island Eddie's classic button down Aloha shirt comes in five patterns that will appease the most "die hard" "Aloha Friday" island enthusiast. As in some styles and colors of Tropical Shirts, Island Eddie's colors and designs will not over whelm ones visual senses. The tropical fern design comes in two options: red and white and, a black and white.  The floral design also has two options: cream-colored tropical flowers on a black ground, or you can choose cream-colored flowers on a red background. Island Eddie's also has a revere print of tropical flora for those who appreciate a more subtle design.

If you still want a tropical theme, but not the classical Hawaiian shirt look, Island Eddie's has created a "Polo shirt" with a tropical theme. Similarly, the Island Eddie's Tropical Polo shirt comes in five tropical colorful patterns, red and white ferns, black and aqua fern, black and lime green ferns, blue background with white shells, and a white background with a blue pattern.

Eddie Dean, founder and CEO, states "Island Eddie's bases its philosophy from the sights and sounds of the Hawaiian islands from which it was founded; It is that casual life style that best describes our approach to our apparel and life style: simplicity, style, and island attitude. Island Eddie's is more than a design; it's a Life style."

Stay tuned! Topical apparel for women coming soon!

Island Eddie's Design, LLC is a certified Veteran owned small apparel business that was formed in 2005 and is located in Bellevue, Wa. What's unique about Island Eddie's is that we are passionate about quality, style, and are not only able to cater to individuals seeking that tropical Aloha Friday look, but also to the everyday island buff. Island Eddie's is more than a design; it's a life style.

Find out more at or e-mail Eddie at

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Eddie Dean


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