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FRIDAY HARBOR, Wash., Jan. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Luxel Corporation announced today that it has entered into an exclusive license agreement with Harvard University to manufacture and commercialize GridTape® for research purposes. Initially developed by connectomics researchers led by Wei-Chung Lee, PhD, at Harvard Medical School, GridTape® will be a key component of Luxel's new high-volume serial section transmission electron microscopy (TEM) imaging platform with nanometer-scale resolution.  Luxel's proprietary LUXFilm® is an electron-lucent film with outstanding properties which enables this application. Researchers will be able to use the platform to expand our understanding of neural connectivity and how the nervous system processes information to generate behavior.  Some new recent results were published by Phelps et al., Reconstruction of motor control circuits in adult Drosophila using automated transmission electron microscopy, Cell (2021),

"We are extremely pleased to have reached this point after many years of close collaboration with the research team at Harvard Medical School," said Travis Ayers, President of Luxel.  "We look forward to supporting the amazing work occurring at labs throughout the world where high-volume TEM imaging is yielding unprecedented understanding in the field of connectomics."

The license agreement was facilitated by Harvard's Office of Technology Development.

About Luxel

Luxel Corporation is a privately-held firm based in Friday Harbor, WA, USA.  Luxel is the world leader in producing freestanding films ranging from 5 nanometers to several microns.  The company was established in 1974 and supplies markets including: TEM, space flight, laser targets, semiconductors, electronic displays, and photovoltaics.  Please visit or to learn more. 



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