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SEATTLE, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Sixty-two percent of college students going back to school support colleges' decisions to require students to get vaccinated and believe that there should be a vaccine mandate, according to a new survey. Moreover, 68% also say they plan to attend a college that requires the COVID vaccine for enrolled students.    

Vaccine Mandates Working at Colleges

Vaccine mandates at colleges are proving effective, according to the survey. It found that a whopping 65% of respondents currently enrolled or planning to enroll in a higher education institution received the vaccine because their school requires it.

While half of college-bound respondents plan to take at least some classes online, they'll need to comply with their school's vaccination policy if they attend courses or events on campus -- and in some cases, even if they study entirely online. Only 11% said they expect to spend absolutely no physical time in a classroom

Most College Students – 80% -- Fully or Partially Vaccinated

Regarding vaccination status, 69% of survey respondents say that they are already fully vaccinated, while 11% are partially vaccinated. The remaining 20% who are unvaccinated will be forced to attend a college or university without a vaccination mandate.

Though the vast majority of college students are vaccinated or are getting vaccinated and appear willing to support school vaccination policies, hesitancy is found among some students.

Some colleges and universities are requiring the vaccine for incoming students, but this hasn't changed the minds of the 20% who have chosen to abstain from the vaccine. When asked about their reasons for not getting vaccinated, survey respondents listed four main reasons:

  • 32% worried about the vaccine's potential side effects
  • 17% doubt the vaccine's effectiveness
  • 16% were waiting for full FDA approval
  • 10% claim immunity because they previously had COVID

The survey was conducted, through Survey Monkey, on August 5th, 2021

among 535 people ages 18-45. The survey has a 4.323% margin of error.

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