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SEATTLE, Nov. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A pair of Seattle-based companies have teamed to allow consumers an easy way to dispose of certain materials used in e-commerce packaging, reducing the amount of plastic that can end up in landfills or water systems. Even better, their collaboration turns that waste back into a clean reusable form.

Protective packaging leader PAC Worldwide and Ridwell, who helps families waste less by picking up hard-to-recycle consumer materials, are specifically targeting the flexible film used in items like poly bubble mailers, flat poly matters, and plastic air pillows.  The trial program launches the second week of November in conjunction with programming celebrating America Recycles Day on November 15. With Seattle's ban on curbside recycling of flexible film set to go into effect at the beginning of 2020, the joint company initiative, along with store drop-off programs, provides a timely solution to a looming challenge. 

Consumers wishing to participate can visit Ridwell's website to start their membership.  Ridwell will screen and consolidate the flexible film picked up from member's homes for transport to PAC Worldwide for processing. PAC then takes the film and converts it back into resin pellets that can be used to manufacture new packaging or other goods used in the e-commerce supply chain.

During the America Recycles Day celebration, PAC will make its U.S.-based plants official drop-off points for all flexible film - including plastic grocery bags. Locations include company headquarters in Redmond, WA, as well as facilities in Middletown, Ohio (near Cincinnati), Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and Phoenix.

The Ridwell partnership ties into PAC's global Rethink Sustainability campaign, which is built on four strategic pillars: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Rethink. The addition of the fourth "R" comes from increasing evidence that shows stakeholders across the spectrum struggle with how best to manage their sustainability initiatives. Variances in definition and universally agreed upon metrics, operational constraints, and market dynamics are among the reasons. 

"Flexible film is recyclable and a valuable commodity that should be looked at from a circular perspective - not linear," said PAC Worldwide Vice President of Sustainability John Bartell.  "One way to promote the circular economy is helping more consumers recycle properly. This can be easily accomplished by using Ridwell's service as well as using store drop off locations.  We are excited to partner with Ridwell on this pilot program."

Ridwell CEO Ryan Metzger said, "We started our company to build a less wasteful future. A critical part of that mission is to make new recycling opportunities possible by matching innovative recyclers with categories we collect that may otherwise go to landfills.  Creating a new partnership with PAC to design an end-to-end solution for flexible film serves as just the starting point for how we will realize our shared vision." 

About PAC Worldwide
Founded in 1975, PAC Worldwide Corporation has been a leader and innovator in the development and manufacturing of customized packaging and contract packaging solutions for more than 40 years. The privately-owned company employs more than 1,200 team members through operations in the U.S., Mexico and Malaysia.

About Ridwell
Ridwell makes it easy for people to waste less. By picking up hard-to-recycle and reusable items on a regular cadence, the company enables smarter reuse and recycling of a vast range of household materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill or contaminating more traditional recycling services.

Inspired by a 6-year old and his dad looking to recycle old batteries, Ridwell began in 2018 and now serves over 2,500 families in the Greater Seattle Area. Ridwell commits to transparency, education, and a great customer experience to empower their members to make better decisions about their consumption and waste. Together, we can build a less wasteful future—

CONTACT: Michael Shepherd



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