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SEATTLE, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PitchBook, the premier data provider for the private and public equity markets, today released the first episode of its second season of In Visible Capital, a weekly podcast exploring key trends and events in venture capital, private equity and M&A. Hosted by PitchBook's Lee Gibbs, the second season will feature thoughtful conversations with PitchBook analysts and special industry guests on how emerging technology – and investor interest – is shaping our lives during the pandemic. New episodes are released every Tuesday starting November 10.

Historically, private markets and nascent technologies have been on the fringe, but as trillions of dollars flow into this dynamic space, there is an increased need for insight. In Visible Capital's ten-episode second season takes listeners through the emerging technology poised to disrupt society, including health and wellness technology, mobility, foodtech and supply chain innovations. The first episode features a conversation with Harpreet Singh Rai, CEO of sleep tech startup Oura, and PitchBook Health and Wellness Analyst Kaia Colban on the importance of sleep, how sleep data can help predict symptoms of illness, and potential obstacles faced by the expanding wearable technology market.

"In season two of In Visible Capital, we're diving into disruptive emerging technologies that have received increased investor attention yet remain fairly niche," said Adley Bowden, Vice President of Market Analysis at PitchBook and co-host of In Visible Capital's first season. "The podcast combines the world-class Emerging Technology Research compiled by PitchBook's Institutional Research Group with insight and anecdotes from industry experts to shed light on up-and-coming spaces like ghost kitchens, telehealth and autonomous vehicles. I think listeners will enjoy the insightful and easily digestible conversations."  

In Visible Capital's second season will feature interviews with a wide array of industry experts, including Josh Mendelsohn, Founder and Managing Partner of Hangar; Matt Harris, Head of Workplace Technology at Envoy; Alex Haefner, Head of Product at Envoy; Dr. Janine Knudsen, primary care physician at Bellevue Hospital in NYC; Jason "Retailgeek" Goldberg, Chief Commerce Strategy Officer at Publicis Communications; and Steve Sarracino, Founder of Activant Capital Group.

The debut season of In Visible Capital, which quickly gained in popularity and reached 41,000 downloads, examined how private equity firms, venture capitalists and other industries responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. The engaging discussions broke down complex issues like the impact of working remotely, the effectiveness of the US government's Paycheck Protection Program and how one legacy media brand with plenty of PE backing is trying to survive. PitchBook private equity reporter Adam Lewis and editorial head Adley Bowden served as co-hosts, with senior analyst Hilary Wiek also contributing.

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About PitchBook
PitchBook is a financial data and software company that provides transparency into the capital markets to help professionals discover and execute opportunities with confidence and efficiency. PitchBook collects and analyzes detailed data on the entire venture capital, private equity and M&A landscape—including public and private companies, investors, funds, investments, exits and people. The company's data and analysis are available through the PitchBook Platform, industry news and in-depth reports. Founded in 2007, PitchBook has offices in Seattle, San Francisco, New York and London and serves more than 45,000 professionals around the world. In 2016, Morningstar acquired PitchBook, which now operates as an independent subsidiary.



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