Performance Systems Integration - Your Life Safety Systems & Services Partner

Performance Systems Integration - Your Life Safety Systems & Services Partner

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PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Performance Systems Integration (PSI), a leading provider of fire and life safety services in the Pacific Northwest, has acquired the fire protection division of OXARC, Inc. ("OXARC"). OXARC serves customers in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho with a variety of fire and life safety services, including system inspection, repair and maintenance services, equipment sales, and installations, among other services.

"We're excited to add OXARC's fire protection division to our platform as we continue to expand PSI's footprint across the Pacific Northwest and into the Mountain West region," said PSI CEO, Travis Everton. "Together, we will be able to continue offering high-quality services to an array of customers throughout the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, and continue growing the strong business OXARC has built over the years."

PSI is committed to delivering customers a high quality of customer service through its "single-point-of-management" compliance services and solutions for fire protection and life safety needs. OXARC is the fifth addition to the PSI platform and contributes to the development of PSI's presence across the Pacific Northwest and into the Mountain West region.

PSI plans to continue seeking out customer-oriented fire protection companies with skilled technicians and a specialized focus on inspection, repair, maintenance services, and fire and life safety equipment monitoring. To date, the PSI family includes: two Fire King divisions specializing in fire extinguisher sales and service and cylinder requalification and maintenance (western Washington); Advance Fire & Safety (Washington); Basic Fire & Safety (Washington); Carter's Fire Sprinkler Maintenance & Piping, Inc. (Oregon); OXARC (Washington, Idaho, Oregon); and R&T Hood (Washington).

Since 2002, PSI offers a one-stop shop for all fire and life safety needs in Oregon and Washington. With over ten years of fire and life safety industry experience, its highly qualified technicians are carefully factory-trained and NICET-certified to deliver the highest level of services. Beyond compliance, PSI's mission is to help save lives by providing meaningful fire and life safety protection and training. Visit for more information.

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