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WASHINGTON, Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Berlinda Ford is not only the sole developer of multiple proprietary alternative medicines since 2009, but a manufacturer and distributor as well. Her company Healing Bottoms' Pharmacy owns and operates exclusive imported Italian pharmacy machinery, purchases abroad compounds and ingredients from all over the world, and now caters to Doctors, Surgeons & consumers. She's described as discrete, meek, ground breaking & passionate about the hundreds of patients her company has saved from fissure surgery. Her goal from the start has been getting people out of pain as soon as possible. "Healing Bottoms's Suppositories heals over 90% Acute Bleeding Fissures in 48-72 hours, 85% Severe/Chronic Fissures within 5-30 days, and significantly lower inflammation/ infection in Colitis, Crohns, IBS, IBD, Fistula, Proctitus patients  by 70% or more," according clinical trial records found on,

Consumers exclaim their need for HB's Natural Treatment Line and it's medical benefits. As media seeks out interviews for accolades, Mrs. Ford stays out of the limelight to keep attention on HB's Suppositories benefits versus her accomplishments. Healing Bottoms' Affiliate Program" partners Doctors, Surgeons & Practitioners who administer their non-invasive medical approach to healing fissures & treating inflammation without surgical intervention has been a huge triumph.

Her company is a holistic Pharmacy made up of a small team of Homeopath Researchers and technicians based in the US. They offer a small range of quality upper and lower Digestive Anti-Inflammatory Restorative Treatment as well as treat "Bartholin Gland Vaginal Cysts". HB Product line consist of Max Turmeric Supplements, Turmeric Suppositories, Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Removal, Wound Healing Wipes, Detox Tea, Malt Breakfast / Serum, and Bartholin's Gland Cyst Drainage. Some insurance companies and coverages like Medicaid's "Choices For Care" will cover a portion of HB treatment. Their most notable cause is their foundation, that treats the financially disadvantaged patients of all ages.

For more information visit or to make a donation visit and To find out more about Healing Bottoms Homeopathic Pharmacy or access their treatment visit



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