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YAKIMA, Wash., Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Yakima Chief Hops (YCH), a 100% farmer owned global hop supplier, has announced the release of their 4th Annual Pink Boots Blend alongside Pink Boots Society, an international non-profit supporting women in beer as well as fermentable and alcoholic beverages.

Since 2017, Yakima Chief Hops and Pink Boots Society (PBS) have partnered to create an annual hop blend that empowers women in the brewing profession. The Pink Boots Blend is available to commercial and home brewers and a portion of the proceeds benefit the PBS scholarship funds.

Each year, YCH staff and PBS members select the hop varieties for a new seasonal blend, creating a truly collaborative product. It is then produced and shipped by YCH to brewers worldwide.

This year's blend was chosen via a global virtual hop selection and consists of Cashmere, Ahtanum®, Citra®, Loral® & Sabro® brand hops, creating a blend with tropical, herbal, citrus and woody aromatic qualities.

The Pink Boots Blend inspires brewers throughout the year to create special beers that celebrate and support women in the industry. Commercial brewers are encouraged to submit preorders by Dec. 15 to guarantee inventory for their brewery. PBS also hosts a global Collaboration Brew Day for International Women's Day on March 8 utilizing the blend.

YCH contributes proceeds from the blend to the PBS scholarship fund which aims to inspire and assist women brewing professionals to advance their careers through education. Since 2018, more than $257,000 has been contributed to the fund.

"The Pink Boots Blend has helped start a powerful conversation in the industry," said Sue Rigler, Collaboration Brew Day Coordinator for Pink Boots Society. "This blend promotes unity from brewhouse to taprooms across the globe. Our ambition is to encourage women to become confident leaders in our community, thereby setting examples so others will feel inspired to join the fermented alcohol beverage industry."

Yakima Chief Hops

YCH is a 100% grower-owned global hop supplier with a mission to connect brewers with family hop farms. Operating for more than 30 years, we have become more than a hop supplier. We are leaders of innovation, quality and customer service. We are a resource for brewers, providing solutions-based products and industry leading research. We are advocates of sustainability and meaningful social causes, working to support the environment and communities around us.



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