KIRKLAND, Wash., Dec. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Zemax today announced OpticsViewer™, a software solution for companies using OpticStudio® that helps improve optical product manufacturing. OpticsViewer empowers manufacturing engineers and engineering managers to easily view and validate native OpticStudio design files to ensure optical systems meet manufacturing requirements.

"OpticsViewer expands our product portfolio to enable better communication and more informed decision-making across optical design and manufacturing teams," said Dr. S. Subbiah, CEO at Zemax. "Zemax is committed to enabling our customers to design advanced optical products and bring them to market faster. OpticsViewer works with OpticStudio to advance efficiencies of engineering teams through improved collaboration. By establishing a common language from design to manufacturing, engineers can have more meaningful conversations and create better products."

The need for OpticsViewer

OpticStudio gives optical engineers everything they need to design optical systems; however, turning a tested optical system into a physical product requires optical engineers to share their optical designs with other non-optical engineers. Oftentimes, this process forces optical engineers to export their designs to restrictive file formats that remove vital information from the original file. As a result, non-optical engineers lack the optical data they need, forcing costly back-and-forth communication with the optical engineer.

Improved communication leads to better decisions

OpticsViewer enables optical engineers to safely share a common file to non-optical engineers. By establishing a common language across the optical design workflow, engineers don't need to rely on assumptions nor engage in tedious back-and-forth that can result in inaccurate or incomplete data. With OpticsViewer, non-optical engineers are given access to the complete optical design information resulting in more meaningful conversations and ultimately better decisions.

About Zemax

Zemax's industry-leading optical product design and simulation software, OpticStudio®, LensMechanix®, and OpticsViewer™, helps optical, mechanical, and manufacturing engineering teams turn their ideas into reality through Zemax Virtual Prototyping, which reduces design iterations and repeated prototypes, speeding time to market and reducing development costs. Acquired by EQT Partners in 2018, Zemax is headquartered in the Seattle, Washington, area and has offices in the UK, Japan, Taiwan, and China.

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Lisa Bukowitz
Go-To-Market Director, Zemax


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