City Bus plan

A Central Transit bus passes along Ruby Street in front of Safeway in downtown Ellensburg, Feb.1, 2018. Some changes to the service will be implemented this fall.

Ellensburg’s public transit service, Central Transit, is making some changes to increase the frequency of bus service, and better match the times the bus operates with when people go to work or school, according to a news release from the city of Ellensburg.

Early 2019, Central Transit surveyed riders and non-riders to learn more about how Central Transit meets current mobility needs, and what improvements could be made to the bus system to make it better.

Based on the survey results, what is the city of Ellensburg will take the following actions to improve the Central Transit bus system:

n Buses will operate more often to take riders where they want to go.

n Riders will have more buses going to the places they want to go to like home, CWU, shopping, medical and professional offices, other bus systems including Greyhound, downtown and more.

n Riders will be able to hop on buses at bus stops more often, and it will take less time to get from place to place. Buses offer times of service that consider rider’s work and class schedule.

n Riders will be able to catch the bus at times of day that better match up to Ellensburg School District and CWU class schedules and area employer’s work schedules.

n Riders will note the elimination of bus route loops in favor of buses traveling bi-directionally or out and back on the same roads. The addition of one route increases capacity, facilitating the ability for buses to run more often.

Central Transit will continue to be fare-free.


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