Tolkien trivia

The team of (left to right) Steve Loeb, Stevena House, Tim Roth, Liz Roth came in second place at the J.R.R. Tolkien trivia night at D&M Downtown Coffee Friday night.

In the end, the winners did not walk away with the One Ring to Bring Them All and in the Darkness Bind Them, but some swag was snagged at the J.R.R. Tolkien trivia night Friday at D&M Downtown Coffee.

The trivia contests — separate categories for “The Hobbit” and the Lord of the Rings trilogy — was part of a weekend long celebration at D&M and Cornerstone Pie of Tolkien’s birthday.

In addition to the trivia, the weekend included Second Breakfast, Hobbit House Making and a scavenger hunt on Saturday, the weekend was deemed “Tolkien in the Burg.”

D&M location manager Jamie Frisch said that owner Donna Malek is a huge Lord of the Rings fan and was excited to put on this event. Malek could not be reached for comment.

Frisch said that they have had trivia nights in the past, but the amount of people who showed up for Tolkien in the Burg was more than usual.

“Our trivia nights are pretty mellow for the most part but this is a pretty good turnout,” Frisch said.

Nearly every chair in the café was taken for trivia night, with a TV set up near the front of the store. The screen showed a trivia question to the audience, who would then come up with the answer on their phones.

One team, named Nazgul Rodeo made up of Steve Loeb, Stevena House, Tim Roth and Liz Roth, said they were confident in their knowledge of Tolkien trivia, and only messed up on a couple of questions where they had to answer according to what was correct in the books and what was correct in the movies. According to the group, Stevena House and Tim Roth were the hardcore fans, who were able to answer nearly all the questions. House was so hardcore, that she dressed up for the occasion as a Uruk-hai, an advanced breed of orc that served the evil Sauron.

Saturday began with Second Breakfast, Hobbit House Making, and the scavenger hunt.

The scavenger hunt started in the store, and had participants search across town follow clue after clue until they made it back to the store. Each clue was a riddle that would make sense to fans of Tolkien’s work.

When participants found a clue, they would send a photo or video to the judges showing them that they had indeed reached the correct location. They would get bonus points for including certain items in their photos such as bike, traffic cone or making the photo an awkward family photo.

David Ballard, Kim Parker and Becky Robinson worked together to complete the hunt. They had all dressed up for the hunt and were excited to have completed it without too much trouble. They said that the entire hunt took them just under an hour and a half.

The winners of the scavenger hunt were George and Brianne Kreppein who completed their hunt with their 3-year-old daughter. They said they were able to win by utilizing the bonus point system in their photos.

Second Breakfast is an event from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings that is one of the seven meals that Hobbits eat in an average day. At D&M this meant eating food from the books/movies or food as close to that as was possible.

Hobbit House Making was essentially ginger bread house making with graham crackers. Frisch said that people got into it, and that there was a similar event where adults were served alcohol.


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