A 1937 John Deere thresher on display at the 35th annual Threshing bee in last year in Ellensburg.

It’s hard to say whether it’s a step back in time or time to recognize just how far the world has come — to a time where everything is done with press of a button in an instant-access world.

But Kittitas County residents and visitors will have a chance to see a world where people rolled up their shirt sleeves and got things done with steel and iron and gears. The Kittitas Valley Early Iron Club presents the 36th annual Threshing Bee and Antique Equipment Show Sept. 14-15 at Anderson Hay and Grain.

“Last year was the first year we held it at Anderson Hay after taking a year off, and I felt like we could have been better organized. It was a good show, but with this being our second show at the new location, we’re better structured with what we want to do,” Rob Jordan said. “We have a better lay of the land, so to speak.

“The tractors will be displayed in a whole different way this year. The featured model this year is John Deere, which is a very popular model, so I think there’s going to be a lot. We’re hoping for 50 tractors.”

Exhibitors and vendors are welcome to just show up and sell properly themed items at the event, which is co-sponsored by the Kittitas County Historical Society and Super 1 Foods. The weekend is one of wonder, showcasing a time when telephone calls cost a dime from a phone booth. Before the cell phone, the computer, back when gasoline cost 35 cents.

There will be tractor drawn wagon rides, grain grinding and threshing, antique tractors and trucks, steam engines and blacksmithing.

“There will be a tractor parade both days to give people a chance to see a working tractor from that era,” Jordan said. “One thing that is new this year is the blacksmith. I had a chance to watch a blacksmith at the (Kittitas County) fair and I thought it was pretty cool. Here he’s working the bellows, generating heat and bending steel. So we have a lot of new things for people to see.”

There will also be an antique wood processing mill, antique farming equipment and a chance to see how things were done in the not so distant past.

Other activities at the two-day event include:

Antique Tractors and T n rucks

n Blacksmithing

n Pelton wheels

n Steam engines

n Large and small antique flywheel engines

n Balloon man Hugh Wilder

n Antique swap meet and craft vendors

n Exhibits


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