The Iron On The Lawn Car Show, which celebrates the life of Brenden Adams, is coming back Saturday, to bring the town together for a day packed with vintage cars.

The car show will start at 10 a.m. at 410 Lester Road, Ellensburg.

Today, Adams is 7-foot-8 and is no longer asking for donations, but his passion for cars hasn’t faded. Ginger McIntosh, event organizer, said Adams approached her about starting the car show up again and enjoying the cars with the community not centered around donations.

Adams is from Ellensburg and was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that caused him to grow too fast and way beyond average height. In fact, at the age of 12 he was 7-feet tall and for a while, was the tallest recorded teenager in the world.

According to McIntosh, Adams’ grandfather would take him to the car show to look at the cars, but after hearing his story they started to fundraise to help with Adams’ costly medical bills.

Adams’ disorder not only made it difficult to navigate in a world not built for him, but it also brought on a host of other medical challenges, including nearly constant joint and hip pain.

Adams’ life has been centered around cars after pursing a career in the field, as well as being an accomplished artist. Adams will also be selling some of his artwork at the show.


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