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With Plaid Friday and Hometown Holidays officially in the books, the Ellensburg historical downtown district slides into the holiday season with the final First Friday Art Walk of 2021.

It will also mark the end of an era and the last First Friday Art Walk for the 420 Loft Gallery, which is scheduled to close after the first of the year.

The upstairs space at the 420 Building has been an evolving, breathtaking exposure of light and art since 2012 when building owner Mollie Edson remodeled, refinished and even refurbished the building in the historical downtown.

The 420 Loft Art Gallery possesses a modern feel, blending natural light with the studio lighting to showcase local artistic talent on the avenue known as Pearl Street, which includes The John Clymer Museum/Gallery, Gallery One Visual Art Center and the 420 Loft Gallery, giving substance to the artistic community and the First Friday Art Walk.

The final show is one of Edson’s favorite artist parings with the spectacular display of light reflection and the work of the late Donald O’Connor’s holographic vinyl hanging throughout the gallery, neatly taking on new life with Julie Prather’s the light refractive, cut-glass lamps.

John F. Clymer Museum/Gallery curator Matthew Lennon has been busy hanging exhibits in both the Main Gallery and the McGiffen Room, as well as the New Artists Wall at the gallery on Pearl Street.

“The making of art is an intimate and intense experience,” Lennon said. “The process is challenging and demanding. The Clymer galleries allow viewers to stretch their imagination, expand their knowledge of art, to provoke the viewer into questioning what they think they know about the art of the west and the artists of today’s west.”

In the Main Gallery the Clymer presents Stretch: An Exhibition of 14 regional artists, including the work by John Ford Clymer, and a painting called “Jody and the Deer.”

The McGiffin Room showcases a 38-piece, 11-artist show called Desert Artists. It too includes some of Clymer’s work along with regional artists from Moses Lake and the surrounding area. The New Artists Wall sets off the work of Julie Peterson.

Over at the Gallery One Visual Arts Center, the 2021 Governor’s Arts & Heritage Award winner features the Annual Gift Show in the main gallery, as well as the Lighten Up community lamp project in the Mezzanine Gallery. In the Hallway Gallery, it will feature Gift Shop Prints and the Eveleth Green Gallery will have on display the Resident Artist’s Small Works Exhibition. The Community Gallery will showcase art by the Damman School children.

Gård Vintners, 311 N. Pearl Street, has on display the photographs of David Carrothers in the 311 space and original paintings by Austin Smith at 313. Visitors can grab a glass of wine, enjoy the art and listen to the sounds of American Honey.

Right next door, Billy Maguire will set the tone for the evening at Dark Moon Craft Beer and Wine, 319 N. Pearl St. The downtown taproom will showcase the local art by Doug McKee (known as Natyshred).

The Mule, 119 E. Fourth Ave., will also have live music on tap, hosting the Thomas Creek Band from 6 to 8 p.m.

It’s all out there in the historic downtown with the final First Friday of 2021, kicking off the holiday season and better things to come in 2022.

Rodney Harwood: award-winning journalist and columnist. Lover of golf and the written word. I can be reached at