Based on unofficial the vote count as of 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Kittitas County voters have approved the three-tenths of 1 percent sales tax for criminal justice by a vote of 6,725 yes (80 percent) to 1,690 no (20 percent), according to results posted on the Kittitas County Auditor website.

Although it was on a primary ballot, this was the determining vote for the criminal justice tax. Unlike previous versions of the tax, this vote will permanently install the three-tenths of 1 percent sales tax increase.

“We really appreciate the community support.” said Captain Dan Hansberry with Ellensburg Police Department. “We look at that support that we’ve had each time this has gone to the voters and we’ve had an overwhelming amount of support from them and we take that as a sign of confidence that we as a law enforcement community have done what we said we would do with those added funds.”

In primary races with three candidates, unofficial results for the Kittitas County Commissioner District 1 race have Cory Wright advancing with 2,062 votes (61 percent) to face Nancy Lillquist, 1,099 votes (32 percent) in the general. Laci Harrison received 214 votes (6 percent) and will not advance.

In the Roslyn mayor primary, unofficial results have Brent Hals at 109 votes (43 percent), Doug Johnson at 82 votes (32 percent) and Jeri Francisco-Porter at 62 votes (24 percent). The top two candidates will advance to the general.

In the race for Water District 7 Commissioner Position 2, unofficial results have Roger Swansen at 29 votes (44 percent), Mike Budschat, 24 votes (36 percent) and Douglas Arthur Philbrick, 13 votes (20 percent). The top two advance to the general.

The election will be certified on Aug. 20.


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