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There are law enforcement professionals who can delve deeper into the numbers and provide the analytics, but from the layman’s perspective the question is: What happened this weekend?

This is a highly unofficial way to gauge law enforcement activity, but based on the record of Kittcom calls received Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, this past weekend was Labor Day weekend busy — and an active Labor Day weekend at that.

On typical “busy” weekend, the 24-hour Kittcom daily call sheets the Daily Record receives will range from 12 to 14 pages. This past weekend, the calls sheets were 29 pages Saturday morning, 24 pages Sunday morning and 24 pages Monday morning.

At one point on Saturday, the Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office requested people only call 911 for emergency purposes because of the volume of calls.

There is a direct correlation between more people being in the county and more calls received by 911, but was this past weekend all that busy? Obviously, it was hot out and people likely came to recreate in our lovely outdoor settings but there is no indication it was outrageously busy this weekend. The Sunday afternoon crowd going back on Interstate 90 was not out of the norm.

There are factors that increased the call rate. There were a lot of traffic stops — mainly for speeding. I-90 can generate a high volume of State Patrol traffic stops, but pretty much every agency showed a healthy volume of traffic stops. Was there something about it being a summer weekend or the high temperatures that caused people to exceed the speed limits?

There were also many calls relating to dogs in parked cars. Veterinarians are very clear on this issue — do not leave your pet in a parked car in the heat.

Regardless of whether you think that it’s not that big of a deal, or that people should just mind their own business, if you leave your dog in a parked car in the heat, particularly in a grocery store parking lot, odds are you will get called in. If every crime was called in this efficiently, the success rate of crime would drop dramatically.

And then there were the fires — field fires, campfires, vehicles fires, calls concerning smoke and eventually Sunday’s fire east of Kittitas.

Sunday’s fire was an all-hands-on-deck incident — multiple fire crews and law enforcement agencies for evacuations and traffic control.

For those who followed on the scanner, it was remarkable how quickly that fire went from one potentially destroying multiple homes (one home was lost) to one that was under control by 5 p.m.

Fighting a fire in those extreme of conditions, that effectively, was an amazing accomplishment by all involved.

Perhaps this weekend was an anomaly and the call rates will drop back to typically busy weekend levels. But, then again, this coming weekend is the three-day Fourth of July weekend.

If you have family or friends in law enforcement, you might want to buy them a cold beverage this week. Chances are it’s not going to cool down out there anytime soon.

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