Just in case your attention has been elsewhere — we are in the middle of election season.

You can be excused for not being immersed in the primary campaigns since there are just three races on the primary ballot.

The catch is, not all voters in Kittitas County will receive primary ballots.

City of Roslyn voters will receive a primary ballot for the Roslyn mayor’s race, which features Brent Hals, Jeri Francisco-Porter and Doug Johnson. Kittitas County Water District 7 residents will receive a primary ballot for the Commissioner 3 race between Douglas Arthur Philbrick, Roger Swansen and Mike Budschat.

Kittitas County Commissioner District 1 residents will receive a ballot featuring Cory Wright, Nancy Lillquist and Laci Harrison.

The top two vote recipients (regardless of party affiliation, which only applies to the county commissioner race), advance from the Aug. 6 primary to the Nov. 5 general election.

So, first off, be on your toes for the ballots. They will be mailed out on July 16. Not everyone is going to receive a ballot. Since many people do not pay much attention to which county commissioner district they live in there may be some confusion on whether a ballots been received or not. Only District 1 voters cast ballots in the primary — the entire county votes on the seat in the general.

A point of clarification: At one point there were three people filed for the Kittitas County Hospital District Commissioner 1 seat, but Jason Badgerow withdrew. There will be no primary election for that seat. Liahna Armstrong and Terry Clark will appear on the general election ballot.

And second off, we once again have reason to give thanks to the Kittitas Valley League of Women Voters because that organization does not take summers off. It has organized two candidate forums for July

The first forum is from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday at the Putnam Centennial Center in Cle Elum. The forum will feature the candidates for Roslyn mayor (Hals, Porter-Fransisco, Johnson) and Water District 7 (Philbuck, Swansen and Budschat).

It is not surprising that the Roslyn mayor’s race has a primary. Four of the five city council seats up for election drew two candidates. If you haven’t been to Roslyn lately (you should because it’s a great date night location with good restaurants, taverns and a movie theater), you may not know that’s there a lot going on up there.

The league, in association with the Ellensburg Public Library, also hosts a forum from 7 to 9 p.m., July 23 for the Kittitas County Commissioner District 1 seat (Wright, Lillquist and Harrison).

It can be hard to get the public’s attention mid-summer but these candidates deserve your attention. One will be eliminated in the primary so take the time to find out more about these three before casting your ballot.

One quirk of this seat, is it will be back on the ballot in 2020. This election is to complete the unexpired term created when Paul Jewell resigned.

If you live in the city of Roslyn, Kittitas County Water District 7 or Kittitas County Commissioner District 1 start watching your mailbox on July 16. If you’re wondering about the people seeking these then makes sure to take advantage of the forums organized by the Kittitas Valley League for Women Voters.


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