Waking up the Tuesday after the Kittitas County Fair/Ellensburg Rodeo extravaganza, the first thought often is, “OK, what have I not been paying any attention to the past few weeks.”

For many people (the parent types) the answer is the first day of school, which it is why it is a good idea to stay out of the school supply aisle on the gap day (Tuesday) unless you’re ready to wrestle for that last 1 1/2 inch three-ring binder your child requires to survive third grade.

Luckily, a contract settlement was reached in the Ellensburg School District, and school started today because figuring out “extended summer’ child care would’ve been an unpleasant task.

So, schools get underway this week across the county, which is a good reminder to keep an eye out during morning and afternoon commutes for youngsters whose minds may be elsewhere as they hike to and from school.

Before we put the Labor Day weekend in the rear view mirror, it should be noted that the day after two simultaneous fires were battled in Kittitas County, it rained. Not to tempt fate, but this has been an amazingly interesting summer of weather in Kittitas County. A case could be made — at least by those who don’t enjoy two weeks of 100-plus temperatures — that it’s been one of the best summers in recent memory. Add in lack of massive fires locally or smoke from fires in the region and it is hard to think a valid complaint.

Among the other things that happened leading up to Labor Day was the completion of the University Way and Wildcat Way intersection. There’s a nice turn lane there now, but also an interesting sharp lane jog heading east bound leading up to the turn lane.

The other main road project, the extension of Main Street, has not been completed. Hopefully that gets done soon because it should have an impact on traffic to and from Mount Stuart Elementary School.

Overall, it will be worth watching what it means to the division of traffic between Main Street and Water Street, as well.

In the downtown, the two major building projects also are moving along. The date for the opening of the Windrow Hotel has been moved to November. Down the block the the wrappings are literally coming off the renovation of the New York Cafe building.

From an entirely layman’s perspective, the renovated New York Cafe building looks pretty good. This not much of a surprise since same person, Ross Anderson, also did the building on the corner of Main Street and Fourth Avenue, which also turned out pretty nice.

With both these building edging toward completion this will be a major milestone for the historic downtown — the construction and renovation of two keystone buildings.

Other things to look for in the near future include the gearing up of the fall election campaigns and the return of the Central Washington University studen

Hope everyone had a great fair/rodeo weekend, now get ready for fall. (Heads up, high school sports start this weekend.)


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