To the Editor:

A few weeks ago, we lost our beloved friend, Scott Wade, tragically in Hawaii. His life cut so very short and too soon, but his memory and legacy lives on in the people who love him, including me.

I contemplated how to honor Scott and his influence on my life from the confines of my residence in Houston, Texas. I put pen to paper as I deal with the grief of his passing.

He was a dedicated husband and father to his children.

He was a godly man of the utmost integrity.

He was the consummate professional. He would admit never perfect, but still learning through all of his professional experiences.

He was the greatest of mentors, a true encourager.

And, he had the best laugh! The very best.

Never one to “toot his own horn” or make anyone feel less than their God-given potential, Scott was the essence of a true gentleman in the midst of a time where being chivalrous, genuine and compassionate seem so far away.

How do I know all of these things about Scott?

Scott entered my life 16 years ago at Baylor University as my Director of Student Activities, and I was a member of student government. Thus, began a mentorship and eventually admiration and a life-long friendship. He became a part of my life through lunches, meetings, conversations, texts and telephone calls; from my undergraduate days to my professional years of leadership and management, he was there. He never left.

All major life experiences I ran by him. When I fell in love, I sensed the pride and admiration he had for my wife, Amy, and I. If I had career issues or challenges, he would serve as one of my Northern Stars. The calls. The late night texts. The time together. It will be greatly missed.

Never once did he forsake me. Never once did he not have time for me through the good and bad. Never once did he demonstrate anything less than his best.

Scott, I wish we had more time, but one day I will be able to tell my children of your legacy. I will be able to tell them how I grieved so much about the loss of such an important mentor and friend. Because, a “lifetime’s not too long…to live as friends..” Forever. We love you, Scott, and boy we will miss you terribly.

Allan R. Marshall, M.Ed.

Houston, Texas


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