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To the Editor:

Is it just me? Folks can have their opinion of mythical entities and apply them to the real world United States as if it proves some point. I don’t understand.

I was content and happy the United States is founded upon freedom of religion. As a kid I was so confused. According to our founding documents there should be no discrimination at all no matter your beliefs. It seems Christians can feel pretty certain anyone without their belief is going to hell. You could be tolerant of them and wait for their demise but forcing them to bend to your will is so Christian!

Does anyone really understand Jesus? The name of Jesus has been a culprit in many disputes between people. Wars even. It’s no surprise his contemporaries killed him.

Unfortunately man did not follow the word of God in sacrificing his lamb.

When I was young I read a Bible that was clearly two books: Old and New Testaments. In the old book God creates man in his own image, singling out a “forbidden fruit” man must elect not to eat. Man eats the fruit, God is angry and casts man from Eden. His created man then lives in shame, covering their bodies with skins of animals. The first sacrifices were clothing for man. God expected sacrifice, specifically: You had to really like the animal, it had to be “spotless” and you had to kill it yourself. In a way it resembles how God clothed man. This is a very moving story. Sacrifice is how one would atone for sin and actually be forgiven by God! In Leviticus there is a sliding scale with the rich owing more than the poor.

In the first family the firstborn kills his sibling. A population is born of this tiny gene pool. So many things about the Holy Bible that baffle me. The children of God having offspring with the daughters of man: Where did these folks come from? Maybe I need Hebrew.

In the new book: Jesus. Everyone is already guilty of sin all the time. The only cure is asking Jesus to ask God to forgive you. You can be a jerk and still keep your favorite spotless animals for yourself. Sacrifice is no longer necessary! You just have to believe that omnipotent, steadfast God changed His mind. I prefer science.

If you wanna end this pandemic: Try science.

Lou Andrew


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