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To the Editor:

So the loud mob of freedom loving anti-vaxers don't want to follow state health mandates. Sorry, you're being misled by Iranian, Russian and propaganda from one osteopath in Florida who makes millions off you gullible people. They love this division.

You might as well look at how well Idaho is doing, its hospitals are teetering. Then there's also Yakima closer to home. I was trained by CDC and USARMID on how to deal with a chemical or biological attack even back under the first President Bush. Bluntly, the red states and counties failed the test.

Look at the deaths, 600,000 and climbing. We have a vaccine now. How many of you have it? Then look at national statistics, 22% of cases are pediatrics. That's kids. Could be your kids. Your kids friends. And some are intubated and die alone. Or have long term COVID effects we are just figuring out.

Wear the damn masks and get vaccinated. Stay home as much as possible. Yakima thought they were oh so smart. Now look at them, if the ER is overwhelmed and diverts cases, where do you go? Yakima, Seattle, Idaho, Oregon?

One of my co-authors told me that the UMKC medical center had 109 requests for transfer from podunk hospitals in Missouri. And not every county in Missouri has a hospital. there were 109 requests. They accepted nine. Sit and think about that. Or watch “In the same breath” on HBO.

Data and analysis have improved since I left the state health department. You can use credit cards or iPhones to track movement and where people went. We are in a global pandemic and a national health crisis.

Start getting your information from an MPH, epidemiologist, infectious disease doctor or the CDC and USARMID. But go ahead with your local mandate. I'm retired. You were warned.

Frank Schiffel


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