To the Editor:

I am writing to support the re-election of Liahna Armstrong to the Kittitas Valley Healthcare’s Board of Commissioners.

I have known Ms. Armstrong for many years. We worked together extensively at Central Washington University and we have been friends since the 1990s. I know her to be a competent, caring person who effectively accomplishes any task set before her.

In the years that she has been a Board member, she has been an energetic, committed, and accomplished member of the Board who was instrumental in developing new services at the hospital including a dermatology clinic, wound care clinic, expanded Pediatric care, a 24 hour in-hospital pharmacy, digital mammography, and other accomplishments.

She took the lead, as Board President, in managing a change of the administration of KVH, including selecting and hiring a new CEO, in order to re-focus the organization’s priorities around the well-being of patients and employees.

She has worked to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of KVH by helping to create a new, more relevant and timelier Strategic Plan; improved collaboration with strategic partners locally and across the region; she served as the Chair of the KVH Finance Committee and lead efforts to make KVH an solid institution financially; and she supported KVH’s move to replace the medical record system with a new, sophisticated multi-faceted electronic system.

She has worked to improve patient care and access by assisting the Board and KVH leadership in recruiting 14 new providers, she helped to establish increased partnership with Upper County to expand services there, and she helped increase patient access in Kittitas County by supporting the opening of all KVH’s clinics to new patients and by expanding physical facilities including the new Medical Arts Center building.

Finally, she increases her medical knowledge by regularly taking advantage of continuing education opportunities to keep her understanding of current issues in medicine up to date.

Ms. Armstrong has proven she deserves to be re-elected to the KVH Board of Commissioners. I urge you to give her your vote on election day.

Phil Backlund



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