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To the Editor:

Every four years we're told "this is the most important election ever." This time is not an exception. I would like to think the U.S. is resilient against the onslaughts of war, riots, and pandemics. But when we have a foreign nation essentially ruining our economy, instilling fears, and taking advantage of the U.S., it does seem more serious this time.

It is all the more reason to vote, not for or against a personality or the current politically correct movement, but for timeless principles that made the country great. And by great, I mean a world power with a high standard of living, opportunities to succeed, and a Bill of Rights. Some are hell-bent on tearing down, disparaging our history, ignoring why we fought, and belittling others. Are there changes needed? Yes, some, but not changing course toward socialism or Marxism and pretending we are compassionate.

I am particularly concerned about our universities where often a person's faith is ridiculed, and radical fringe movements are promoted. There is free speech, but only if it is the "right kind" of free speech. Is the Constitution even taught?

We are to to think on good things. Things that are true, noble, right, pure, and excellent. As a nation we should not be proud of, and continually embrace things like abortion, gender confusion, atheism, and throw-away marriages? These represent the "dark side" of life. Should we tolerate lawlessness of rioting and theft? Of course not.

Vote proven principles, not personalities and slogans.

Ward Conger



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