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To the Editor:

I will vote for Bart Olson for Kittitas County Sheriff. I have worked with Bart Olson in law enforcement for 23 years. He is the type of leader and friend I was proud to work with.

A few items come to mind when you say the name Bart Olsen, honesty, integrity and dedication. The first two, honesty and integrity are probably the two most important attributes in law enforcement. If you don’t have this, then you have no business being in this business. With these two qualities, you build trust. With trust you have confidence.

Anyone who interacted with Bart knew he could be trusted and had the confidence he would do the right thing. The third attribute, dedication is what Bart is all about. Bart came to work with drive day in and day out. Bart has been in high demand and stressful situations over the years and he was always able to maintain a high level of professionalism. This is what dedication looks like.

With an individual with 28 years of law enforcement experience and a CWU graduate, we can rest easy in Kittitas County that we will have progressive thinking at the helm. As stated, Bart Olson has my support to become our next Kittitas County Sheriff. Your vote for Bart Olson is a Sheriff for you!

Paul Woodside



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