To the Editor:

One has to be skeptical of fear and chaos purposely orchestrated to keep a people in fear of one another and in service to a government of world corporations. It’s horrifying and instructive too, what the CIA with top government approval, did in South America backing brutal governments, and what it has done to the people of those areas, particularly the Southern Cone since the 70s.

One can understand why Trump and minions don’t want immigrants attempting to cross the border into a country that owns all their wealth, gained through genocide, mass disappearances and incarceration with horrible torture against a people that were evolving mostly peacefully into developed countries that owned their own resources and who weren’t convinced to sell them off to multinational corporations.

Records show before this forced economic change, wealth was shared more equitably; there was less poverty. During this economic change starting with Chili in the 1970s, children too, were taken from their parents and adopted by people driving the economic change to bring them up as “normal” people. Argentine’s junta also imposed “measures intended to prevent births within the group” of people they were targeting; another method used in a brutal attempt to cleanse this group of ethos and ideas that veered from corporatist intentions.

Union leaders, farmers, doctors, lawyers, professors, artists, poets, musicians, teachers, nuns, an entire culture was systematically “disappeared.” All those who did not agree with laissez–faire, the Chicago School, Milton Friedman style of capitalism, ie. corporatism in government, could only be removed by brutal means, means only dictators will use. There are so many parallels to this history occurring right now, in our country with a wanna be dictator frothing up the crowd, playing on emotions and fears before our blinded eyes.

There’s a new term going around, and I think it may encapsulate what needs to happen in this country before we are swallowed by dictatorship and fear; our own military turned against us. The term is “Woke.” South American history is a play book that everyone should read. I suggest beginning with "The Shock Doctrine, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism," by Naomi Klein, especially before newly elected commissioners and other elected leaders of our county start selling off our resources, which currently list as land and water, and some people who care more about their communities than a quick sell off for personal gain. Be wary.

Paula McMinn



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