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To the Editor:

How ignorant can you be?

Ron Larson's letter ("Why would anyone vote for a Democrat again?") on Friday was an insult to any intelligent and fair-minded person in this country. You are so un-informed it's pitiful! Who are you to seem to speak for everyone saying "now we know Hillary is lying about Russia and just about everything else." Are you quoting Fox News since they are the only ones spouting this nonsense or Trump, who only listens to Fox News?

An intelligent person who is looking for the truth would check more than one news source and he/she would find that just about all the respected news sources (CNN, ABC, NBC, New York Times and Washington Post, etc.) actually investigate these nut-ball rumors and print only facts.

As far a Trump goes, tell me why he seems to be surrounded with people that one way or the other have ties to Russia and he only wants to cozy up to dictators and strong men and ignore our long-standing friends and allies?

He is leading us down the garden path, strewn with tax cuts that will disappear in a short while and promises that he cannot and will not provide. If he continues he will kill-off the free press, stop almost all immigration (which actually made America great and diverse) and keep whittling away at all of the freedoms that we take for granted.

If you really love America, “Don’t watch what he says, but watch what he does.”

Harvey Brown



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