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To the Editor:

America and Americans have been betrayed by the Biden administration, the bureaucracy, the Democrat Party and the main-stream media. The betrayal began immediately with indiscriminately throwing open the southern border to Covid, traffickers, drugs, criminals, and terrorists hidden among tens of thousands of people which our communities are expected to house, feed, educate, and provide with medical care. 

This has been given priority over meeting these same and other needs of our own citizens. The betrayal continues with the incompetent Afghanistan withdrawal and its unnecessary loss of lives, abandonment of our own citizens (and Afghans who helped us) to the mercy of merciless terrorists and leaving millions of dollars’ worth of war weaponry and technology to enemies who hate us.

President Biden has been a lifelong politician of no distinction, characterized by lying and corruption and an ambition to become president.  Now he is also senile. Who is really in charge of our government? A big clue is all the former Obama administration office holders like Rice and Blinken and Klain who are back and reflecting Obama policy. President Obama was known for his “apology” tours while in office.  His stated goal when elected was to “fundamentally transform America”. He gave pallets of money to Iran. He released terrorists from Guantanamo who are again on the battle front. Known influences in his life were his Muslim father and the teachings of Saul Alinsky, a Marxist sociologist whose influence began in Chicago in the 1930’s. President Obama was influenced by groups and individuals (Acorn, Van Jones) who bought into Alinsky’s radical, revolutionary Marxist philosophy. Before the Senate, Obama’s Chicago occupation was “community organizer”.  That is Marxist vocabulary for community “disorganizer” as the goal of Marxism is to tear down what exists. Another clue is the proliferation of the Marxist tactics of lying, deceit, personal character assassination and misrepresentation practiced by leftist politicians and media. I believe former President Obama has used his “organizing” techniques with the BLM movement intended to divide and the 2020 election fraud intended to regain power.

As government uses the COVID epidemic, courtesy of China, as an excuse to close or limit our small businesses they are making more and more people dependent of them for subsistence. The planeloads and busloads of immigrants being accepted into the country are dependent on them for subsistence. 

We don’t need to be WOKE. We need to WAKE UP!  God help us.

Sharon Grass


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