To the Editor:

I am responding to the article on July 17th "Don't dissolve into a Saudi-style society" national editorial from the L.A. Times. The point of the editorial was that men who refuse to be in the company of women without someone else present were being "sexist." I disagree — in this day and age they are being smart.

There have been many men who had their lives ruined and/or lost their careers simply from an accusation of sexual harassment. As we learned in the Kavanaugh hearings, its impossible to prove who's right since there are no witnesses. All it would take for a politician who is dining or traveling with a female reporter is one comment that was misunderstood and he's ruined.

The article was saying that the "Billy Graham Rule" of not being alone with a woman who is not your wife is an archaic value. It was. However, with the MeToo movement, a man is at an extreme risk of something he says or does being interpreted as sexual harassment. If I were a man, I would definitely apply the "Billy Graham Rule."

This is not a "Saudi-style" behavior. Saudis oppress their women and treat them like second-class citizens. The Billy Graham Rule actually protects both parties and should not be taken as offensive.

Angela Lewis



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