To the Editor:

I love what the city has done in the area of affordable housing and appreciate the time our public servants put in to make this a great community that we all love and cherish. What concerns me: did they require the builder, Crytyl Enterprises, to include solar ready, which is the least expensive way to add future solar panels to a housing unit.

It simply requires another hole in the roof and a larger electrical panel, maybe some PVC pipe. The increase in cost is minimal, compared to doing so at a later date. At a later date, solar panels could add to the grid, if the city commits to 100% renewable energy. Also, are these homes required to have natural gas? Natural gas is a dangerous and dirty fossil fuel that is trying to gain foothold in the PNW, but whose assets are predicted to become stranded and more expensive when subsidies are removed.

Most Americans want climate change addressed and are just beginning to understand their choices for energy by their municipalities, counties and states and in their homes, not the federal government, is what will drive the change to renewables. Methane is 84 times more potent on greenhouse warming than CO2 in its first 20 years in the atmosphere. It is estimated fracking alone releases 4% of all the methane gas it produces, plus appears to leak from abandoned wells, along the pipelines, at storage facilities and into the homes and buildings that use it. It is a death knell gas. We cannot control what is happening in the Arctic unless people apply some control over what this administration and the fossil fuel industries are doing.

While we were watching impeachment proceedings, our “dis for dat” government has appointed judges at local levels, insinuating fossil fuel friendly forgone conclusions in a “dis for dat” and deadly world. The sooner we have building requirements and laws protecting cities and counties from fossil fuel industry development, the sooner we gain a bit of control over the future our children and generations after will inherit. Denton, Texas tried to protect its citizens from the devastating effects of fracking, but the fossil fuel controlled state simply changed the laws, thereby reducing Denton’s power to do so.

We are lucky to live in a state that supports energy transition to renewables. We should get on that train before it leaves the station.

Paula McMinn



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