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To the Editor:

Thursday November 18, 2021 at 9 a.m. it began again. It's an insidious practice that really took off in the late nineteen nineties. Winter weather forecasts are well known to be half erroneous but they motivate the City of Ellensburg to pour salt water on the roads. They call it "brining".

People are driving through the intersection in front of the shop where I work on roads that would otherwise be bare and dry. The temperature is above freezing. Corrosives being applied directly to the underside of your cars and trucks without waiting for the hazards of ice and snow. Thursday afternoon, when it rains all that salt will be washed into the street drains and on to the river and streams. If this is a repeat of last year tomorrow when I come to work there will be rock salt on the early morning ice in this intersection.

Is it not possible to wait for a problem before rusting our vehicles into junk? Is there no environmental concern at all? If dumping corrosive chemicals on the pavement isn't bad enough; the trucks uselessly spraying the roads run on fossil fuel.

Are we so terrified of ice and snow that we are enthusiastically destroying our vehicles as preventive maintenance against a fender bender?

I've been watching this game for over a decade now. My wife and I have specific cars we drive when there is a forecast that includes precipitation and cold temperatures. It's not that the forecast now is reliable regarding snow or ice but the application of corrosives is for sure.

Last night my wife thought it might be different this year when I was insisting she take the rusty car to work this morning. Thank you City of Ellensburg for affirming my choice of today's driver.

My rusty car is in the shop parking lot surrounded by roadways covered in salt water. My 20 year old rust free car is safe in my driveway. Heads up!

Lou Andrew


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