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Re: The Clymer management of funds and the original Clymer art sent to the Jackson Hole Art Auction in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a pending sale!

A hold on the sale of the art piece entitled “Moving Down” should be enacted now to preserve the centerpiece of the museum. Time is short! The sale of the Clymer namesake art piece and the Clymer Art Museum board’s decision to part with it will have long term repercussions. The museum’s current lackluster fundraising efforts result in the museum board relying on the sale of the donated authentic western art. A solution is needed to prevent this sad state of affairs.

Instead of auctioning the art outright, why not allow the patrons of the Clymer Art Museum to retain it, and return the art to its rightful place in the museum? Just think about it, the museum would have cash assets and the art piece too. Most importantly, John Ford Clymer’s authentic western donated art would NEVER be jeopardized or put on the auction block again.

Let’s lasso this art piece and not let it out of the Clymer Museum/Ellensburg corral!

Ellensburg, your help is needed. The Patrons of the Clymer Art Museum have pledged funds to keep this priceless hometown and world recognized art here. We are half way to our goal. Be a part of this rodeo!!!

Join us now. This is the time for the community to come together and donate so this piece of art stays local. Let’s keep it at the Clymer Museum. Your donation will make a difference. Donations can be made to the Clymer Endowment Fund, P.O. Box 397, Ellensburg, WA 98826. Please mark your donation for “art acquisition.”

Thank you for stepping up!

Janice Ludtka

East Wenatchee


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